Steele & Jones Temple of Doom Fedora | Unboxing and Review

Short review of my brand new Steele & Jones Exporador ’35
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom fedora.


C.A.K. Comedy says:

That peterbros looks a little tapered…

Mark Osborne says:

Hey Kirk, this is a great video and I totally understand the anticipation of getting an Indy hat in the mail. Upon watching your first video – the bug bit me – and now I have three – the most recent arriving from London the other day. They are all great in their own way. And btw – your video from 5 years ago was very informative, not cringeworthy IMO. That video gave me some reassurance that an under 40 guy could wear an Indy fedora and still look relevant and stylish. Appreciate you putting yourself out there. Best of luck to you my friend. BTW – I was in Dallas a last year this time and drove out to P.Bros. Will tell you about another time. Your SJ hat looks great. You should hop on the Club Obiwan site if you arent on already. Great gearheads on there.

Trent Ryan says:

Outstanding looking hat! I’ve never been a fan of the ‘Temple’ fedora for tapering factors, but lots of customs I’ve seen lately have turned out much straighter. Yours is one of them. I’m receiving a Garrison ‘Raiders’ tomorrow that he ever so kindly made for free (I still can’t believe it). Totally agree with the excitement of getting hats like this, too.

bashfulbrother says:

I have two of the Exploradora’s first one I bought I wasn’t too happy with. The crown was rounded instead of straight and the crease in the brim sat back right above the ribbon with a way too deep an angle. I still wear it, after bashing the flange into the Cairo hat. The other one I got from them was a very thick felt. I like the hat, but I bought a Penman and a Delk and they are more accurate, by a long shot to the raiders hat.

Griffin Mietzner says:

Are Steele and Jones hats stiff or flimsy? Also is the crown crushable or does it stay stiff?

Andy Newell says:

Hi there Kirk, great review, such an amazing looking hat! I just recently placed an order with Roberto for a Last Crusade style Indy hat from Steele & Jones and I cannot wait until it arrives in the mail! Like you I had to go through the process of measuring head size, taking pictures of my face, etc. I had a question, about how long did you have to wait for your hat to arrive once you placed your order? Once again, great review!

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