Rude History: The Cowboy Hat

History of the Cowboy hat

I know this is pretty different from my usual content, but I had the idea and wanted to try something new!

Let me know what you think in the comments.


James Cosme says:

Fuckin dumb ass

Br00d says:

this is soooo good

Owen_Basil says:

Personally the “potato chip” shape as I like to call it looks a lot nicer than the Bonnie bonnet style.

Ludger Moser says:

Hey pretty good, I mean the audio sounded a bit off at times but the video overall was nice!

Will Long says:

Good concise, and entertaining, review of cowboy hat history. I’ve got to give you a thumbs up–help offset those negatives that probably come from overly-sensitive types who fail to pickup on “Rude History” as a possible tip-off to language they might encounter when viewing your video.

ArkkitehtiMark says:

you GRINGOS copied our hats and culture, and our land. hahaha rats!

neil brown says:

I`ve ordered a real Stetson called a Stallion, I live in the deep south…of England, not New England the old place cup of tea etc, wish me luck (I do wear Bowlers and Top hats) so I may pull t of as they think I`m slightly deranged anyway. Interesting video and I dint know how the cowboy hat evolved but I do now.

ethan bickford says:

I’m fucking dying how you started with your Stetson comment hahah

N Albertsson says:

Most cowboys wore Bowler hats (Derby’s) not this shit!

Matthew h says:

Did you make this its really good!

Felipe Medeiros says:

your videos are pretty good, you should post them on reddit to get more views

Benjamin Llamas says:

liar, that kind of hats were invented first in spain and the cowboy hat is a MEXICAN evolution for the kind of weather in America. p.s. sombrero is the spanish word for “hat”.

The anglosaxons were wearing bowlers with the short brimm. if you want to learn the truth, you can check this book:
“the hat that won the West” by Laurie M. Carlson

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