Right After Trump Was Handed A Cowboy Hat, He Did Something That Made Crowd Go WILD

Protect Your Money With Gold – Click Here- https://goo.gl/kx2yzW Or Call – 888-596-7916 Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | John Falkenberg at the Conservative Tribune reports, It’s Made in America week in Washington, D.C., and on Monday — Made in America Day — Stetson Hats, as well as dozens of other companies, attended a White House event in which they showcased their products.

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gr82bfreenjesus love says:

I really can’t comment on the hat because I can’t see the hat. It would have been nice to actually see the video on him putting the hat on

Paris Belle says:

#maga… REPEAL NOW, nice hat!! I live in the cowboy capital.

Bill Fowler says:

If it was OBAMA he would have stepped on it .

Mgtow Monkeyman Reborn says:

It’s awesome to see the emphasis on “Made in America”. I used to pick up things in the store until I found something made in America, but at a  certain I stop looking when I couldn’t find anything on a regular basis. When I grew up it was always taught to buy American. Didn’t realize how important that logic was until I was older. We have the most innovative products in the world because of our freedom, in my opinion. Also our craftsman are without equal.  Love the President! God Bless him.

Cassie Bly says:

Bring back the Doctor of Common Sense. that guy’s da bomb!

Kristie Matthews says:

I am from TX and love cowboy hats.
That’s my President !!! Cowboy up Trump and drain that swamp.

Donny Hernandez says:


rural juror says:

Couldn’t see the hat, :-[

DobbsComputerInstitute says:

Buy only American products when you can get it cheaper elsewhere?  That defies our capitalistic values.  It makes consumers unable to make ends meet.  It is not the American capitalistic way of doing things.  America must find a way to compete with others who make a superior product for less.  This is being patriotic Americans.

Random Chiroptera says:

A great way to help America would be to break the monopoly of the major agriculture producers, and allow everyone who is willing and able to do the work to turn unused land into food producing land. A little healthy competition in the food industry should make life better for every American. Since the day I was born food prices have steadily risen, regardless of weather, climate change, economic prosperity, wars, floods, droughts, or natural disasters. The prices keep going up, the quality and quantity keeps going down, and now I pay more for a Big Mac meal at McDonald’s than the All-you-can-eat Buffet at Sizzler used to cost in the 80s. The cost of living, especially on account of food has gotten so God awful ridiculous that I can’t remember the last time I actually celebrated a Holiday, rather than sitting it out, because I can’t afford decorations, or a big meal, or entertaining guests, and just watching reruns and wishing for every crooked politician in America to get the crookednes scared straight out of them in classic Christmas Carol fashion.

SMEiC SMEiC says:

Did my post about Trump doing more for the American economy by making him and his daughter making their products in the US get deleted? So much for freedom of speech! Does anyone not have anything to say about the Trumps not making their clothing lines in the USA? Just curious.

Jeff G. says:

Where’s Gary?   This dude Mike has crazy eyes!

SMEiC SMEiC says:

“How can Trump help further?” Here´s an idea… How about he and his daughter start making their own range in the USA and not China? Just an idea…

Liaz Strumbetter says:


conservictory2012 says:

I Could say much more but, just wanted to get that off my chest!

{InSuBoRdInAtE} says:

Trump in a cowboy hat?
How bad did that trigger the alt-left?
Everything about Trump triggers them…

0311 grunt says:

yea the libs say if you buy American your a racist. I say the hell with these traitors. there damn liberal logic makes no sense unless your the enemy , so that narrows it down. all the liberals and anybody else against America can go straight to hell

micky dee says:

McCain has a brain tumor. I do not wish ill on anyone but this might be a good news for president Trump when the Songbird never returns to senate.

Enrique Munoz says:

Trump tie is Made in china.. HahahahA.

Bill Fowler says:

If it was Hillary she would have sold it to the highest bidder.


are you fucking kidding me? lol wow he put on a hat made men cum all over the bible belt. smh

K & E Fleming says:

All Patriots stand tall with our PRESIDENT TRUMP, his staff and his family, 100%. The spoiled and corrupted are to far gone and will never love our country. WE ALL will forever defend our Pres., but we must put our OFFENSIVE TEAM INTO ACTION!! The time is now to retaliate against these criminals, NOW PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

William Beck says:

The same “Hippy bastards that spit on returning Vietnam veterans , called us baby killers and ran off to Canada , what a bunch of Patriots , really freeloading , snide , cowardly scum that ran away and acted like they were heroes for betraying our country , if they are so ashamed of America – just leave , we won’t miss you !

2underbelly says:

Imagine cowboy hats made in China.

ERGA 2016 says:

Hansom President Trump. Made In America. MAGA

ron dill says:

I’ll come back to this channel when Gary is back…. These fill in fools SUCK!! Bye Bye!!

Helda Cook says:

U look weird!!!

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