How to pick a Stetson hat

CBS News’ Jan Crawford spent time in New York City’s oldest hat store, J.J. Hat Center, and learned how to pick the perfect Stetson hat.


Carl Terreros says:

Made in China?

el choya says:

she didn’t buy it causes she can’t afford it

Ross Carter says:

I’m from Fort Worth, Texas… I want a cowboy hat. My mom was all “people are gonna laugh at you and call you a drugstore cowboy”

rockerseven says:

She needs to shut the hell up and actually let him finish the answer to the question she just asked.

sn3192 says:

this is such a good commercial, i’d actually really like to go to their store and get a great hat from them now^^

Rain Rogue says:

This store was featured in “The Blacklist”
My favorite hat store of all time!!!
Hats are so unique,

JJ’s Hat Store,
Please never go out of business,
You are one of the most popular stores in New York!!!

I just can’t wait to visit and buy dozens of Hats!

Hats Hats Hats

All mine all mine all mine


BlindPenguin says:

Just let the guy talk, damn it…

Petre Adrian Burcuta says:

…nice hats

priestof1 says:

guy can pick good hats for people

Mayheamk says:

did they fuck anyway?

Silverstreak says:

Great hats. Shame he had to deal with this irritating twat.

l says:

Very vintage T-shirt under his shirt !

TheUnstoppableForce says:

jesus let the man speak

Sabine Brühl says:

She wears the porkpie the wrong way.

Dana Georghiou says:

CBS… Guess what the c stands for.


Omg my name is Stetson no joke

jazzthieve says:

So? What hat did she pick…if any?

Joey Crow says:

That woman is a fucking idiot.

Paulo Tuble says:

I love my Stetson Hats. My Favorite is The Temple.

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