How To Clean A Silver Belly Western Hat..

The silver belly felt Western Hat is the light colored, off-white typical Stetson u see everywhere..
the good guys and the bad guys, black and white cowboy hats..the white ones are actually called silver belly and they are quite different from other colored hats. these hats have a Natural off white, colored powder in the felt. The powder is released when u brush the hat, (when it’s new, that is..)
after a while, the impurities in the atmosphere, dust, smog, lint.. it seals the powder in and the only way to access it is sandpaper, the fine stuff..I like to use these soft, red sanding blocks, the rubbery,flexible type.
Once you get to that powder, u can brush it counter clockwise and distribute the powder all over the hat, which covers the dirt and flaws..anything that doesn’t buff out is stained white by the powder..
Buffing and brushing, that’s it..nothing more..

DO NOT ADD TALC OR CORN STARCH! ADDING ANY TYPE OF POWDER TO A WESTERN HAT IS NOT ADVISABLE.!!! This is okay for competition,rodeos,horse shows, show biz..where only looks matter, but if u add powder to a hat, the first rainfall, when it gets It gets all blotchy and just horrible, looking like armpit sweat stains, but all over the hat.. so remember, power WILL make your silver belly hat look whiter, but it can never,EVER get wet once u add it, that hat is for indoors, or never for the rain..ever again if u add powder, so outside of rodeo,horse shows, barrel racing,jumping,roping and competitions like that, I strongly suggest keeping the store bought powder OFF of your hat. I’ve seen a few ruined hats from this.


Carlos Thomas says:

hi Kevin, what hat model is ?. Regards

David & Cherene Immel says:

Nice work man!

Daniel G. says:

Yup…crazy fast too!

Doug Harlow says:

Doesn’t using a sanding block remove to much beaver? Looks kind of rought where the stain was.

Jerry Probst says:

Kevin, Great video. You are pretty aggressive going after that stain, but the results speak for themselves. Does the sanding technique work with any fur felt or just high quality felt like the silverbelly? Also, what grit sanding blocks do you use? I’m assuming you have more than one. Thanks.

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