How to Buy Stetson Hats : Styling With Hats

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Buying Stetson hats isn’t something you can just go into any clothing store and do. Buy Stetson hats with help from a professional hatter with a custom hat shop in Cave Creek, Arizona in this free video clip.

Expert: Eric Watson
Filmmaker: William Watters

Series Description: Hats are accessories that can be both fashionable and practical. Get tips on styling with hats with help from a professional hatter with a custom hat shop in Cave Creek, Arizona in this free video series.


Chuck Williams says:

I really like the style of hat you are wearing in this video.

Ford Johnson says:

a cowboy hat especially a stetson hat isn’t a fashion it represents a life style

Zach Reade says:

You don’t call it a Stetson hat, You just call it a Stetson and he does not know how to pick a Stetson. You pick a Stetson by trying it on and by the way it fits your head.

Mark Hoffman says:

Yes, I would love to have the hat your wearing. would look nice with a nice over coat.

Katherine Boyd says:

I work as a Park Ranger and Stetson makes the Park Ranger Campaign hat, which sucks because the company SUCKS.
I use the store locator and try all the stores; nobody has a campaign hat.
SO…. I contact Stetson and describe my problem and inquire as to how to obtain a campaign hat. NO response. Repeat. No response. Repeat and BEG FOR A RESPONSE. They tell me to use the store locator. Idiots.

The Maggs says:

Very information/educational on details, thanks!

Gamon Man says:

I love the hat you’re holding in your hand as an example. Is there a style name for that hat or can we buy from you directly? I’m new to hay styles so that’s what I really need to know.

Kar Ser says:

hi I am looking to buy a vintage Stetson fedora hat, my head circumference is 22.5″ but I cant equate that to any of the sizes out there..In your opinion, what hat size should I be looking for ? Cheers

Victor Trevino says:

how much for the hat you have on?

One Pissed American says:

Give me a break. I own a Stetson and it’s one of the best hats I have ever owned. To buy a Stetson you simply try one on after the other til you find the one that feels right to the buyer.

Andrew S. says:

Old school fedoras are the best. Not some of the crap they make nowadays. 

smittyseabee says:

I like the hat your wearing,what is it?

thepofmeister says:

my hat is a cotton hat.” why cheep a***d nasty s**t?” i hear you ask. well, it’s to do with being a p***y about the “poor animals” issue. i know, i know, “grow into a man, boy!” i hear you cringe… well… i hear ya… but i just can’t, not care. it’s who i am. now i ain’t telling you all what to do. and more power to ya. this gentleman and his fancy hats are certainly superb. hell, i would like one… but… i just can’t.

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