Hat Shaping Old West Style

Reshaping a cowboy hat and some history on them toppers!

Special thanks to JJ Hatters

Huge thanks to Heather and Jerry Woods for their stunts and talents!

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Hyperfun by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
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Water Droplets on the River Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Yellow CattleCompany says:

Great hats but your bad acting seems to kill the vibe of these good hats.

Apocalyptic Bone-Daddy says:

Bowler hat ftw

Patrick Bateman says:

So fucking wholesome

Carlos Uribe says:

Billy the kid’s hat is the best

Swan Ronson says:

She is a BABE

Donovan L. says:

I just came hear for billy the kid

Es D says:

Note to self: Billy the kid looked nothing like Emilio Esteves

Mister Grandpa's Bakery says:

This might sound crazy but I’ve always wanted a hat like Daffy Duck wore in the episode The High And The Flighty. He was a salesman in several episodes always wearing some interesting hat.

Adventures & Survival in Thailand says:

Billy the Kidd’s hat was the most crooked, funny looking hat I’ve seen , what was the story there

kenny hildebrand says:

That’s domestic violence and is against YouTube terms of use…..but she sure swings a mean 2×4.

Heli Vargas says:

The video was helpful but it could seriously do without the cheesy skits

O gauge and H.O. Railroader says:

I’m the real dirty dan

05_ GT says:

Bill williamson has his hat folded on the left side (RDR2)

Jamario Jackson says:

I’m here from RDR2. Who else ?

Frank Guzman says:

She is hot

liquid curse says:

These videos got a retro feel the way you film it and edit and it’s very good and it honestly feels like I’m watching a old show like wishbone

Arthur Morgan says:

I want a hat like angel eyes

Parkiir Of Keeb says:

The guy on the left at 2:48 looks like Doc Mitchell from Fallout New Vegas

Trent Garrison says:

My grandpa gave my dad an authentic Stetson hat from the 70’s. It’s got a wide pinched brim and a pinched crown. Just thought of it and wanted to let you know. Sorry if I got the terminology wrong, I know nothing about hats.

Cheese Face says:

beaver it is, i love your videos im on a binge

Bill Bright says:

Looked like Billy the kid let Mother Nature shape his hat.

Dakota F. says:

I wanted to thank y’all for the hard work that y’all do on your videos to provide us entertainment and interesting information, and for keeping the western spirit alive! Thank y’all!

Didymus Houston says:

Ghostrider, the second Old West photo in this video has two cowboys. The one on the right of the photo has an 1876-7 Smith & Wesson Baby Russian in his belt (with pearl grips?). I have two of those original pistols. Could you tell me where you got that photo? I would like to have a copy of it.

charles Middleton says:

Montana peak hat
with a small brim were popular back in the day.

charles Middleton says:

Cavalier style cowboy hat,from English Cavaliers.

Faelwolf says:

I just reblocked mine by wetting it down a bit, then setting the shape with steam from a regular old steam iron. Still holds it’s shape years and plenty of adverse weather later. Just start with a quality hat, plenty of them in thrift stores and such. Quality hats have a resin mixed in with the felt that will hold the shape when it cools, cheap hats don’t.

WizardofAhhhs 75 says:

Do y’all have a video or advice on how to stretch a hat if it fits a little too snug? (without having to buy a hat stretcher)

JB says:

Where can I find affordable hats? Looking to Replicate John “Doc” Henry Holliday’s hat from the tombstone movie.

swirlcrop says:

Awesome video.

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