Guide to Men’s Hats | Carlos Costa

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Carlos Costa takes us into his house and shows us some of his favorite hats, how to find them, and how to wear them. The favorite style is a fedora hat, which comes in many different styles, from trilby to wide brim.

Carlos also shows us the pork pie, derby, and a few beanie hats in his collection. He breaks down multiple ways to rock each look and how to have it looking the best.


Shafir Iqbal says:

That beard is top notch!

King Ian David says:

The 2nd hat you look more like a jew no offense.1st and the bowler are the killer!!

Josh Alexander says:

Whats the actual shop you bought the hats from?

Pontus says:

With that beastly beard you look good in everything.

PineApple Head xD says:

f*cking awesome man

Rossoneri King says:

That beard is so slick! I’m jelly.

Anthony Flores says:

You have killer hair mate!

Daylan Poore says:

Boy we got our selfs a hipster

Leo E. says:

ID on the first hat?

Dimas Rachmat says:

dan bilzerian?

err puto says:

Love this vid of hats we got same style Mann love it.

Big Gucci says:

The last beanie was hilarious. 4XL hats are never a good look.

cee dacosta says:

you should check out aliexpress

GrilledCheezeSammich says:

Step 1) Be a handsome bastard

Matteo da silva says:

great vid

Tobias vdV says:

where do you buy that pork pie hat?

Fresh Martin says:

You’re a sexy son of a bitch. And I’m NOT gay ; )

Chilled keys says:

is he one of the models for asos?

Matt_Leal says:

What brand of white tees r those?

Michael Ball says:

I can think that the only use of wearing any of those wide brimmed hats would be to stop pigeons from shitting on your lips.

Lina S. says:

very likeable! I love your style!

Liquorice says:

The Bowler looks great on you mate!

Khristian Khouri says:

Where is that white t-shirt from?

Yc 530 says:

Carlos please help me out with the info on how to get a hat like that gray one you bought on the LA vintage shop

SurviveYourDay says:

Hats look better, when youre handsome as fuck, haha. Lucky BAstard

Carlitox b says:

ola amigo !!

Eddy Mendoza Alegre says:

great videos, this guy got a very good looking Beard, few ppl but its a very active channel keep uploading videos. cheers from Perú!

Alocos Dude says:

that tattoo and bead just works so good mate

Nur Syarifuddin says:

what’s your tshirt called?

Evenny Music says:

How do you usually maintain your hair? I love it! Great looking hair.

mmastert2 says:

The ultimate hipster’s guide to hats

Brian Cho says:

You look really good in all those hats. Grey one especially

Viceroy Royal says:

What’s the track name at the beginning of the video?

X Caliber says:

Are wide brim hats supposed to fit loosely??? I kinda like it snug.

tikiduck says:

First hat was the best.

saulo assis says:

ei amigos

Fernando says:

Carlos, how do you get that awesome cheek line man.

Mugen ムゲン says:

Mate could you please tell me what coat that is and where you got it? I fell in love with it the moment you put it on!

The Joker says:


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