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Today’s video is all about the fedora hat. We discuss what it is, what it is not, the history, what to look for when you buy one and how to wear it so you look your best.

What makes a fedora?

Basically, a fedora hat is a snap brim hat. it’s called that way because you can actually snap the brim down. A fedora is typically pinched in the middle and then again in the front. One of the big hallmarks and probably the reason it’s so popular is that the Fedora is shapeable in many different forms.

Next up is the brim of the fedora. First of all, you can have different sizes. You can have very short brims, medium brims, and wide brims. Again, if you want to stay timeless, something around in the middle length is probably your best bet. Of course, it all comes down to what your face shape is and so larger brims work better for some persons and shorter for others.

The brim of the fedora can be snapped down in the front or snapped down all the way around or snaps up in the front and down in the back.

In terms of material, most fedoras these days are made from wolf felt which is basically hair from sheep that is felted which is not woven but the hair is taken together, rubbed together until they intertwine and they don’t come apart anymore.

The next step up would be a rabbit or hare felt which is finer and softer and it usually makes for a great hat.

The very best qualities are beaver felt hats and they usually use hair from the belly of the beaver.

In terms of hat decoration, most hats will feature a band on the outside and there can be a bow, there can be you can have different kind of ribbons, sometimes you have little things that dangle on them, other times you can have a really wide band or a slim band maybe a leather band and sometimes you can even see people that add feathers to their hat just to highlight the individual character.

So how did the fedora get its name?
In the 1890s, there was a play titled Fedora and at the time, all men wore hats on the street. The everyday man didn’t have much money and could only afford one hat that had to serve multiple purposes. The fedora was great because it could be shaped in any form needed. At that time, no gentleman would have ever worn a fedora hat. The Homburg hat is their go to choice. A gentleman would maybe only wear a fedora hat in the countryside for very casual outings. Just like many other things in menswear, the Prince of Wales wore a fedora in 1924 and it became hugely popular that way because he liked softer things.

So how should you wear a fedora hat in this day and age?
Basically, you want to wear it with a classically inspired outfit which means a jacket or a suit. If you want you could wear it with a chalk stripe or pinstripe suit that’s rather bold. As the fedora is a classic piece of headwear that’s not worn a lot anymore, I suggest you go with like double-breasted suits, peak lapels, maybe single breasted suits with a vest like a three-piece suit or with a contrasting vest. You can also have accessories such as cufflinks or rings maybe a tie bar or a collar bar because it just underlines the entire classic look of the fedora. Wear the fedora the right season. A felt hat is great in the winter and it’s cold outside maybe in the fall and also in spring but not during the summer.

The golden rule is whenever you’re inside, take the hat off.

Also, if you wear a fedora hat, try to avoid sunglasses because it simply looks odd and over-the-top.

Where and how should you buy a fedora hat?
The first choice obviously is to go to a local hat store. Another option is to go with vintage hats, you can either find them in vintage stores, thrift stores, maybe at
estate sales, or on eBay.
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Dark Wolf says:

I saw a Fedora that looks exactly like Laito Sakamaki’s Fedora so I click

Liam Foley says:

I regularly wear a brown fedora with a Barbour jacket and it works very well for me.

strongyang says:

I got a Milano beaver fur felt hat that cost over $800! I’m loving it!!

Karolinska says:

I wear a black fedora and a black, double breasted, overcoat when i’m outside.

Uppity White Man says:


1 Hour Studio says:

Raymond Reddington wear with sun glasses.

D4NK3STOfD4NK says:


Bugumir says:

Excellent video. Excellent presentation. Thumbs up.

Alejandro RESTREPO NARANJO says:

Hello Rafael, Thank you very much for all your content. I’m really interested on start using hats however I have to wear glasses to see at all times. I was wondering whether it’s still appropriate to wear a fedora hat while using my glasses?

SireDjim says:

I absolutely love fedora. I wear it every time I go outside for shopping, or a convention ! It accords very well with my cargo short and an ironic tee. A little tip for all the gentleman here : women love fedora and its classy look, they don’t even see if your overweight or not clean shaved ! Never fortget to tip you ladies 😉

Tecun85 says:

Wonderful video Sven. This is the video I was waiting for. Huge fan of fedoras and trillbies. Keep up the great work!

Visker says:

Hi Raphael. Your video are really well-lit. Do you do it yourself or do you have help with the technical aspects! Requesting a behind the scenes-video(Even though it´s off-topic)… Looking forward to every video you make…;-)

iron wolf says:

Today for a young guy up to 45 years old in order to pull out wearing fedora in style you have to have kind of so called masculine rougher face features, to be taller than 6 feet, or to be quite stocky built. Otherwise for example slim, 5’10 guys with babyish face features most of the time just look like caricatures wearing fedora hats…

Jared Lee says:

This guy is an awful spokesman for the fedora. Please find a hatter with good vintage ribbon, and reconsider the 2″ band.

Thomas Patrick Parker says:

I think the tribly meme has died. This guy actually knows what he’s talking about and wears nice clothes.

Executioner Smough says:

Woman do not like gentleman..
Ask anyone of ’em, they like to feel protected and by a MAN.
Watching these losers truly makes myself feel really proud to be myself.

Keven Ardon says:

The best time to wear a Fedora is when respecting women

Drone Crazzy says:

I have recently bought a few of fedoras. either invest or don’t buy at all you can definitely spot a cheap hat vintage is also good.

Thomas Brennan says:

It’s an old-fashioned throwback look, and, much like the bow tie, not one I would pair with a suit in a professional setting if I wanted to be taken seriously. I have seen admirable attempts to revive the fedora, but there are some fashions which will remain vestiges of the past.

Wheelman Josh says:

Have you seen the different Indiana Jones fedoras that are out there? Some are pretty high quality and look great. That is where I was first introduced to this style of hat is by watching those movies.

Jean-Luc Thomas says:

Casual modern clothing with fedoras are way past coolz

DrFranklynAnderson says:

Surprisingly, the fedora was actually a woman’s hat originally. The Fédora in the play’s title is Princess Fédora Romazov, who wore the hat that was later given her name. It wasn’t until the Prince of Wales adopted it that it became men’s fashion.

dagmar1991 says:

How do you manage to keep your hat on your head on a windy day? In London, for some reason, even the slightest wind can blow one’s hat away. Something to do with the construction of the city we were told by Lock & Co of St James.

Sasuke Uchiha says:

I must become enlightened

jose paolo Aranda says:

I purchased a so called “fedora” in a souvenir shop and at first, it looked like one to me. But the brim is even all around and there is a metal support inside the brim. Is it still considered as a fedora if it has a metal support or wore in the brim?

Freddie Wyman says:

Mr. Schneider,
Could you please do a video about (what I’m under the impression are called) bowler derby hats (think Malcolm McDowell in A Clockwork Orange)? I’ve always wanted to add one or two to my wardrobe, but not sure how to pull it off correctly. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

Shane Wright says:

I’m a homburg man myself. A homburg is a mighty serious hat.

Cole Lewis says:

Could you make a video on other hats? Like the boater or skimmer?

Demented Glitcher says:

Mine is straw

GainedSalmon 3 says:

A shame the fedoras reputation has been ruined but hopefully the stigma dies off soon

Jaime Calleja Alderete says:

Thanks for the review and tips. Do you have any insights/advise into mitigating “hat head”, regardless of whether one wears a fedora, homburg, or flat cap? If you’re inside for an extended period of time and must take the hat off, what is a good measure against the headband marks?

zuogehaoren says:

Hi! I am wondering what is a porkpie hat then? And what is the brand of the sunglasses you wear in the illustration please? Regards from your fan!

Sterling Archer says:

A fedora can’t just be shaped with your hands, you need to have it steamed or it won’t keep the shape and the lines come out wrinkly

Beckett Chawla _ says:

Great guide

Beement says:

Can you make a video where to find the best vintage stores? Please

TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit says:

Step 1 – Don’t wear a Fedora
Step 2 – Congratulations.

Eric Williams says:

I love them a lot, but I unfortunately ran into some very unflattering experiences with people when I wore them around. Today’s society likes to ridicule anyone who wears them, I think. I really hate that too, because for one, they’re pretty darn useful, and two, my grandfather wore one I can remember all the time and to frown upon it was unheard of. I always wanted to look like him.

I only wear them now in more quiet, less social places. Else I get nervous in town.

Jesse Martinez says:

Who cares about the stigma!! Those hats are fucking cool if you like them have some confidence and fuck what people think

Louis Miller says:

Hats are useful! You can hide a bad haircut, they look sexy. If you wear a suit with a baseball cap they’ll just notice the baseball cap. If you wear okay clothes and a nice hat, they notice the nice hat. They can cost a lot but I think it’s a useful expense, it protects your head from the cold, wind, rain and the sun, so it is also useful. By all means, make more videos on hats. Youtube doesn’t have enough info on old-fashioned hats. Dressing is like an equation and hats give you an excessive amount of points for the amount you are spending. Also, if they aren’t working for your social interaction, you can remove it quickly and easily. You can’t do that with a suit or your shoes.

Bob England says:

i look quite similar to ”Raymond Reddington” from the TV show The Blacklist , what type of Fedora is he wearing ??

William Perkins says:

I firmly believe that a man is not properly dressed without his hat. Even tho my wife is not of the same mind.

Jesus olivas. says:

a hat is not a hat till its tilted

Jon Bradfield says:

I have several fedoras (both teardrop and center dent style). I own 7 bowlers and prefer rabbit fur and beaver fur felt. I’ve been wearing hats properly (off and on) since 1975. I agree with your tips and wear a dress hat or Panama, slacks, a dress shirt, and a sports jacket on a daily basis. (It makes me feel good).

I live in a small community and tell those that make fun of my more formal dress that they’ll wear a nice suit someday… when they’re surrounded by flowers and mourners!

MAC VENA says:

I think they look best when the hat is cocked a little to one side, and slightly back. How one wears the hat is equally as important. I love a nice hat. I mourn the days when a nice hat was a necessity.

meemedmania says:

Username checks out

Nino Schibetta says:

You look good but there’s Virgin internet guys that wear that

Spring Fox says:

Just bought my first brown felt fedora, its so nice and comfortable.

TreyeGuy says:

I like how fedora look and would wear them if they didn’t have a reputation and associated with neck-beards

Gerardo Salazar says:

Just a note as friendly criticism; I love these videos and the quality is superb but today I found a little oversight that shouldn´t be there.
At 04:10 the word deuterated appeared in reference to quality going down while the correct word should had been deteriorated. The term deuterated is a chemical one and is in reference at when Hydrogen has been substituted by Deuterium.

Keep on doing your excellent job and thank you for continuous efforts. Best regards.

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