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This video demonstrates the versatility of a crushable felt hat. Crushable felt hats are packable and more resilient to damage providing a longer life span for your headwear investment.

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doggonemess says:

My Jaxon Ford Fedora had something sitting on a it for a few weeks once while it was too hot outside to wear. When I discovered that it was crushed, I took it out and laid it flat. The shape was slightly deformed, which was upsetting at first, but after I wore it once and ‘massaged’ the deformed part back to the original shape, it was fixed. It is now still in the same shape it was when I got it, after months of abuse. AWESOME.

blankslate81 says:

Plus, you were in sac when I had to have tis hat, to urns out, you’re gone, and I am left without a chance of it maybe looking ok, and slightly fitting

The Warrior says:

Only fedora I’ll wear is a Hebert Johnson Poet…the Indy fedora. Buuuuuut, I’m not that rich -_-

doom2sgt says:

sigh i have a hard cap fedora…

basilolo says:

Not that extreme. I once had my hat ran over by a truck (seriously!). Although I didn’t buy it as a crushable or something, it survived and I still wear it (it’s a bit used up, I have it for like 3 years, but it’s still fine!).

Agueybana says:

Does it get worn out after a while from crushing it many times?

Ziabetus says:

I just fonder how long you can store it before it will no longer retain its shape…

derek langford says:

Not the advertisement i expected to see…

Wolfgang Kovac says:

I bought one, i’m excited to do this with it, or like pull it out of my pocket and unfold it and people thinking “what??”.

Hundriim says:

What happens to it if it gets SOAKED!!!

Warsie says:

Yeah, im looking for something I can stomp the fuck out of and wear it like new =P

Extreme example, but whatever.

blankslate81 says:

dekker trilby, why no review? It’s not cheap by any means, but I want it

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