Cowboy Hats 101 – Fur, Felt and Wool

When buying a cowboy hat, it’s important to know what your getting. Different needs demand different hats, and RCC Western offers virtually any style you could want. Whether it’s a top shelf Fur/Felt blend, a fashion felt or a hard workin’ wool, RCC Western carries only the highest quality Cowboy Hats at the prices you expect. Thanks for watching!


Rebecca Pavis says:

he’s cute lol

LAdave65 says:

Hey Curtis, what IS that hat you’re wearing?

J Top says:

No content just ad

Welther47 says:

I wanted to know the difference between fur and wood felt. What was this video made for? How the hat should sit on your head? Tight but not hurt.

Dany cobian says:

@tinkerbelllove151 suck in california to i see every one wear baseball caps.they all look the same.i have many hats but not one is baseball cap

elber xxx says:

You can find the best hat’s in tijuana

ShawnHBK TripleH says:

im a cowboy in Wv.and cowboy hats is all i have,i dont like the look or feel of tiny ballcaps…


I live in Texas every time I wear a wool hat dose not last a second and I’m ether getting a fur felt or buffalo felt hat every time I buy a wool hat only a second it last I do take care of it but I don’t have $100 or $700 to buy one that’s fur felt

Relbac3 says:

Hello Curtis I am looking at the hat that you are wearing or at least the crease more than anything I see that it is a bound edge but what size is the brim and crown?

Luciffrit says:

reminds me of billy zane =O

JImbo Jones says:

you may be right.

msrednic says:

Curtis looks GREAT in his hat 🙂 I could not stop looking at him.

Matt Deckard says:

I’m happy that you specify that they are western hats,

beatTHATpunk504 says:

Im trying to look for a hat that suits me.. I want a hat that basic and i will like to see flat circle hat

Benjamin Cadge says:

I’m feeling slightly out of place as an Englishman with all this ‘he ain’t no country boy’ commenting that’s going on. I guess it won’t help being from the countryside of England much will it?

scott barnes says:

This guy is an idiot ole boy ain’t country at all he knows nothin

brofessor_oak_ says:

Hey I’ve got a question that I would really appreciate being answered. I’m a boy, 13, and very fashion conscious, and I live in a very rural/suburban area of VA. I hunt, fish, shoot, and ride four wheelers. I’ve owned a nice pair of cowboy boots for about 2 years, and wear them all the time. I really appreciate the cowboy hat’s style and function, and own a decent straw “10 gallon hat” if you will. As I said, I love the look of it, but worry that people will mock me for it or give me strange looks. Do you think I should wear it, and if so how should I pull it off?

Jaret Gandee says:

the way this guy presents the hats. . . I cringed. still made it through the video though. y’all have a nice day.

ShawnHBK TripleH says:

looks like a cowboy hat,i think you need your eyes checked…

ShawnHBK TripleH says:

why what did he do to you?

ShimmerNfaith says:

He looks like a nice guy, but im sure he would have no problem knocking off your hat or head in self defense 🙂

Natalya Fan says:

to bad people here in WV. dont wear the western style,it sucks living in an area that is a bunch of sheep fallowing wearing ballcaps!!!yea that a unique style!!! peolpe with class here wear cowboy hats.

Clemente Camacho says:

He’s a cowboy not a country boy get you shit straight boy. Fuck haters.

HoneyBadger9831 says:

White trash red neck douche.

JImbo Jones says:

If I ever saw him I would knock that cowboy hat off his head. This I would knock his head off his shoulders

ShawnHBK TripleH says:

why???? what the hell did he do to you!!??

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