Tilley Hiker Hat | Gear Review

Overview of the Tilley TM04 Hiker Hat


dbkguy says:

That is probably the longest and best hat review I have ever seen. I’ve looked at Tiley hats, but right now I can’t get past the cost. Maybe next year.

Half Mile says:

Hats are more than just something to wear…. sentimental attachment is a big deal for me…..my mentor was Colin Fletcher of British decent trans posed to San Fransisco, Ca….he wore a wide brim felt hat and thus I adopted that with a very effective modification that I learned in the Marines…..apply shellac and thus the hat became water proof…

Glad to see the knee is doing well….

Roger Hamrick says:

Great review! Sounds great for the PCT!

Katahdin or Bust says:

“Gear geek edition” I LOVE IT! Can’t wait for more!! Hook us up with a sleep system one? I’m struggling to pull the trigger on my bag/quilt. Got the NeoAir pad & sastified, but the bag vs. the quilt…UGH! Would LOVE to hear your thoughts!

John Richardson says:

Great review! I’ve been curious about that hat – to the point that I’m tempted to gift one to my brother. It looks great, coverage as good as a Seattle Sombrero, but for warmer weather.

Your new hairstyle should be even better for a hot weather hike! Hope you get a chance to get out for a trip.

Mike S says:

I’ve had my Tilley for about 2 yrs now. Because my head is shaved, I wear a ball cap dailey. I decided to purchase a wide brim hat once my son and I started to get back into hiking.
I was going to purchase an OR or Columbia , but REI had a 20% off sale and with my points made the $85 cost a lot more manageable. While the other hats were nice I do think the Tilleys is nicer. I have the AirFlow TM6 model(not sure of the differences). I have to agree, the hat is super comfortable, breathable and protects my bald head nicely. It has gotten nasty after a few sweaty hikes, but is like new after being thrown into the washer.
Thanks for the review and glad to see you back in the saddle.
Take care

Monkey Fez says:

Really great extensive review. You stopped me getting an Outback at 50% off, because this seems like it will suit me much better. Thanks.

Keith Stewart says:

Thanks for the Hat review glad to see you out hiking

Pam Fitzpatrick says:

Love mine!

Tim Brown says:

I have always admired the gear you have to me you get the best, thanks for sharing it with us, love video’s glad you’re healing looks Great be safe bud

TwmSaer says:

I wish my LTM6 was a T5MO or a LTM5, but it is what we sell, and well, employee discount, so…….

Mike Vonspeed says:

Great review, does a bug net fit over it ?

Max Mitchell says:

We have the same one
I found mine mostly hidden in leaves along the Appalachian Trail..it fit perfectly
Good to see you again.
Get well soon.

carolina dreamer7 says:

So glad you are back!  Only you can do a video on hats and make it interesting!  Love that you are hiking again, keep the videos coming.  Nice trail you were on, beautiful forest.

Laser Wolf says:

This hat probably not for me just due to cost but I do appreciate you showing it off. It is really good to see you back doing videos. I’ll watch em!

Kamper 2020 says:

Great review. I like a hiking hat that has all the “ables” (washable, foldable, and breathable) So cool to see you out in the woods again.

Kit Cosper says:

I’m a huge hat fan, so I’m quite happy to see they’re offered in Man sizes. (7 3/4 and larger – I’m a 7 7/8 or an 8) $100 for a nice hat isn’t bad – especially when you have a large head and often have to resort to custom-made hats.

AT Cherrio says:

By any chance is that part of the Bruce Trail? gorgeous trail sections you have been showing us. I’d enjoy videos of a Bruce thru hike if you decide to skip the AT this year and hike locally while you heal up. Always wanted to hike the Bruce someday.

Lora M says:

Air cooled, like an old VW?

KuntryRD says:

I have several friends that love their Tilley Hats. I am so short that most wide-brimmed hats hit my pack at the back, unless I am using a day pack or frameless pack; that makes me sad. Me want a Tilley Hat! For a hat with a life-time guarantee, $100 is not that much. I really like this video. This hat has so many features that I was not even aware of.

Des Farrell says:

Thanks for the quality video of the hat. Mine arrived in the post today and I was initially disappointed with the unstructured floppiness of the lightweight material on the top. However it’s growing on me now. I may have chosen a size too small because I can only get two fingers under the brim if I pull out the brim with my other hand. I bought it chiefly for fishing so it may work out but for a sweaty hike a tight hat would be a disaster. Thanks again, subscribing.

Gary Norden says:

Little pricey for a hat wondering if it came with a bug net or as an accessory? Glad to see your doing good.Life has many mountins to clime just dont quit. Peace out The old guy.

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