Tilley Hat Review

http://h1ker.com/tilley-hat/ – for the full written review. Tilley has been making great hats for years, this review covers their classic Outdoor Adventure hat and explains why you might want to plunk down $70.


Ed Hendrickson says:

Tilley lost hat warranty: If you lose the hat, the Tilley hat warranty is only for 2 years, you have to have the receipt or have already registered the hat, no exceptions, and you only get 50% off a new hat plus tax and shipping, so it will still cost $40 to $50 if you lose it.

Mikerosoftt says:

I love the tilley hemp hat

Ed Hendrickson says:

Lost my 1st beloved Tilley, got a 2nd Tilley.

Measured exactly the way Tilley.com said, it felt too small, unfortunately didn’t discover till worn the hat on a hike. Wanted a looser fit. Sent it back for a larger hat and Tilley would not honor the guarantee because they said I worn that hat.

Recommend go to an REI, Cabellas or Jacks and try it on first.

Wanted to warn you to read the Tilley hat fine print before you buy.

This one will do, I stretched it as hard as I could.

hanamiaou says:

Good review! (And you’re cute.. 😉

flashdamingo says:

Are they crushable ?

Dave T. says:

Just bought my first Tilley hat and I’m impressed.

Clarissa Ashley says:

That’s what Jesse James war

ColeKam says:

Great hats. I have two, a T5 that I have owned for 12 years or so and that has been on many many outdoor outings. It’s still in great shape. I also own a T3, it’s only a couple years old.

yacawntmiss says:

Good review.  I’ve got a T4M Organic Airflow for southwestern heat.

rollwithak says:

keep your pie-hole shut meat

The Whatsit says:

Great review! I just bought a used one off of eBay just about like yours.

turbo311 says:

The velcro is also for holding sunglasses. Which model is yours? I’m guessing LT6B. Nice review!

Gene K says:

Well done, man. I’ve got the LTM3, looking at maybe getting an LTM2.

savgal1211 says:

I lOVE Mine!!

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