Tilley Hat LTM6 Multicam

Tilley Hat LTM6 Mulitcam
In this video I review the Tilley Hat LTM6 in Multicam.
The LTM6 is made out of 100% Cordura nylon with a water repellent finish. The hat has a UPF 50+ rating and blocks 98% of harmful UVA/UVB radiation. Each hat is hand sewn and all seems are lock stitched so they don’t unravel. High quality brass grommets are used in each hat and are imported from Britain. Each Tilley hat is guaranteed for life not to wear out. Your Tilley hat comes with a secret pocket that contains a owner’s manual and brag tags for sharing with folks.

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MrLeonidas0001 says:

Man if they did one on Kryptek I’m all in brother! That Multicam is really nice though – rockin’ review!

Muskrat Jim says:

Thanks John, I need to replace my old bush hat with a Tilley. I don’t think they make the multicam version any more, which is really disappointing.

Sonoran Desert Prepper says:

I talked crap about you in my last vid hope you don’t mind, 🙂

skip brewster says:

Thanks John for your getting back to me.. I have had my Stetson since I was a Cav. Recon-Scout in the seventies and my boonie hat since the sixties as a scout-sniper….It’s whatever works !!

Lt Survival says:

Like your video, and they do obey there waranty. They will exchange mine and leave the old one with me. I will be keeping my gulf war momentum. Great hat. Great Canadian compagny.

Canadian Drone Flyer says:

It is a toss up for me between the LTM6 and the LTM5 …. Do you find that the  LTM6 brim flaps in the wind when it is really windy ?  I live 2 hours away from where they manufacture  the Hats …. Some useless information for you …lol

Survival On Purpose says:

Great review of a great hat, Wingman.  It’s always good to find a company that really stands behind it’s stuff.

Scouting Free says:

Great hat and a great review, thanks for sharing with us. Cheers Marc

ArmyStinger150 says:

Awesome hat John! Of course I dig the Multicam too! And like Andy says: Epic mustache & goatee!

Eat Carbs Outdoors says:

Nice.. in a lot of my videos I wear my beloved Pendleton. I do wish it had a mesh top to let the heat out.
Thanks for the video… I’ll have to go check out Tilley hats.

skip brewster says:

Thanks John for your getting back to me.. I have had my Stetson since I was a Cav. Recon-Scout in the seventies and my boonie hat since the sixties as a scout-sniper….It’s whatever works !!

awesomeinforensics says:

Nice review, I have a different Tilley an I love it.

Bluetunder40 says:

Nice Job Bro! Going to pick one up

MidTnOutdoors says:

Very nice hat brother. 

Maya Goode says:

how is the airflow mesh in the rain? I am going on a trip next year and can only take one hat. It needs to go from desert to rain Forrest, but I’m not sure how the mesh will do in the rain. Damp is cool, but do you get completely soaked?

Rawhide Leather says:

Another good review! If they would have made the brim 3″ in the front & back instead of 3 1/2″ I would have been interested. Longer brims are just too floppy in windy areas plus it would have looked better IMO. They also should have made the brim shapeable with the wire in it. Don’t like floppy, wavy looking brims. Other solid color choices (not everyone want to look like a hunter) like coyote brown with the sturdier Cordura nylon like these have (not the softer Nylamtium) fabric would have been nice too as well as a more reasonable price. Compared to similar hats these are obviously way overpriced – hence why they can afford the great warranty. Close but no cigar for me.

skip brewster says:

I’m sorry sir, but ny favorite hat, besides my normal Army retired baseball type hat is my boonie hat.. I have been wearing it since the late sixties and I am Happy with the performance of it over my Stetson..( and yes, that is a HAT ) but not for the woods…
Thanks for your great videos, and keep them coming !!!


That’s a nice hat brother but damn, dat stache..! Seriously though, the fiance is on me all the time about sun screen too but I hate it. I gotta check out their line of hats and find one that works for me. Thanks for sharing, Way2B

x47plm says:

Im looking to get this hat if they have my size in stock. It should be perfect for long hours cutting grass on the tractor. Man you sure have a lot of people calling you brother, seems to be the new catch word out there, everyone calling everyone brother. Anyways thanks for the review

Bob Sullivan says:

Seattle Sombrero by Outdoor Research. Made in the USA. EXCELLANT!!!!!

InnerBark Outdoors says:

Dude your mustache is epic. Great review! I dig my Tilley 🙂

Ch33no says:

Kind of expensive, but I typically find that you get what you pay for. Made in Canada eh? 

shcmoly says:

Nice Wingman. I have a Cabela’s Yellowstone Breezer Hat. It has the breathable mesh at the top. I have had good luck with it. Not waterproof though.

BigFun4Life says:

I wonder if tilley will make a xxxl hat that would fit my skull.Lol I will check there web site.

Dad1972hthorn says:

Nice hat wouldn’t mind owning one myself.

easyvivo says:

Hi Wingman…..my hat is off to Tilley.  I am ready to buy a Tilley airflow TLM5 Olive and to replace my 10 year Tilley hat that I barter (gave) to a priest who was our pilgrimage tour director and guide. During the tour, I noticed the priest was not comfortable with his hat and suffering from the sun glare (sweating so much) and so I offered my Tilley hat to barter for his brown monk hat.  We became friends and after several months the priest still updates me on the tours and most of all how he is really enjoying my Tilley hat specially on very hot days (over 90 degrees F).   Now, we have this agreement that I pray for him and he prays for me and my family. 

The hat stores are out of stock and probably I have to buy directly from Tilley hats and I wonder if Tilley would not charge shipping and handling.  Thanks and blessings to all….Ed

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