The First Hat of Roblox!

The First Hat of Roblox!¨
Links :
Classic ROBLOX Viking Helm:
Purple Banded Top Hat:
Red Baseball Cap:

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Stickimations says:

The first hat was the purple banded top hat. The red baseball hat was the first one to be released.

ScreenMedia says:

First hat on roblox: Blue Banded Top Hat

Wolfie Mar says:


SupremeDoritos says:

Anyone 2018

Xd karambit fade cunt says:

good qualty (not) it legit looks like its been censored….

im glob says:

i want that viking helm ;-;


i’m getting the
Purple Banded Top Hat

Hyper Hydra says:

Yes thx

jessthetic says:

I have purple banded top hat.
edit; before you ask, i didn’t spend 5k on it, I got it on a sale and it was half price, (2.5k).

DutchRobloxian says:

Im playing ROBLOX since 2007 now! Still playing. ®®

21Vapez says:

I think the first Roblox hat was “Red baseball cap”

KorrinaOfPokemon says:

reply me

XxNinjaGamerXx says:

what do you use to write on the screen?

EnderLord7 ! says:


LerGoat says:

Judging by IDs, the order is:
1st: Red Baseball Cap
2nd: Purple Banded Top Hat
3rd: Classic ROBLOX Viking Helm
4th: Sombrero

EDIT: This all might not be true because there is something called “Blue Banded Top Hat” which description claims that it was the first hat.

JammieJam says:

where doew the globot hat come?

icebreaker900 says:

The first hat was really either the roblox visors or the red baseball cap. I have the red baseball cap from a long time ago.

ParPar says:

oh hi treepainter_b

Lepsonical says:

You had to look up a youtube video in your youtube video for your research.

That’s sad.

Blue Mistake says:

IDK why but i think the hat with the missing image is the first ever made

Ali ens says:

Man, I remember playing this in grade school back in like, 2009 or 2010.

Viktor Engkvist says:


KongKitKat [RBLX Top5] says:

WHY do you have the right corner censored

Cow says:

when you’re to poor to afford any of the hats

twins of twins says:

Where u get awesome music from tell me name and here u German epic music from plzzz

King DonAcDumb says:

Well I just when to “Roblox hat demo” by John Shedletsky showing 4 hats and droping them to NPC’s.
And I remember when you can remove your hat by pressing + or – I can’t remember, but they removed it
but still have it in the I guess “how to play menu” of the options menu, weird.

Fruity Kiwi says:

I have a banned top hat

The light blue with yellow one it counts as banded

LukeIsChilling says:


JaxMC says:

How to get that black theme on Roblox website???

Mangos Hernandez says:

That sombrero looks fine. Too bad it ain’t for sale

Party says:

Who else has the first hat ever made?

Atticus Francisco says:

What is the background music name I love it

Ździch Siemacho says:


Jamora Channel says:

what song name

-THICCMushroom - says:

Why do this gay ass roblox vids have gay ass music CANCER TO MY EARS

zura TV says:


HypixelRyan says:

I couldnt see the writing because of those blurs

BlueWolf says:

Wasn’t the Blue Banded top hat the first hat to ever be made? It says it in its description

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