Suwannee River Eight

My latest trip The Suwannee River Eight. See more of my shenanigans at

KAVU Men’s Chillba Hat
Nikon Coolpix AW120
Cool tripod bendy Thing
You need this for the cool Bendy tripod thing
Werner Camano Fiberglass 2-Piece Paddle
Perception Pescador 14′ Sit-On Kayak
JetBoil minimo

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Catherine Gregory says:

Wow! Super cool trip. I’d love to do something like that. I wonder what we have available here on the west coast. I’ll have to check it out. Good workout for the arms and nice to give the ole legs a rest. haha. Beautiful area. Looks so peaceful.

Hike with Mike says:

I have canoed itbefore I have an old slideshow video of it

The Addicted Prepper says:

Part 2? Link to that fabulous hat? Living vicariously thru Jaxx is always fun!

Hike with Mike says:

those boat wrecks are probably from hurricane hermine……dang you were close to my neck of the woods….I love the Suwanee…my favorite river to canoe!….keep an eye out for some waterfalls and springs along the river… are eating caviar…there are some big sturgeon in the river….during the summer several people are always hit by the jumping sturgeon!….love the hat btw!…..i think you were at little shoals when you had that rapid action…..believe it or not, but there some beavers in the Suwanee….I did not know that they came down that far south into Florida

BillGoudy says:

I remember now….I was near Old Town Florida….    It was spring time and the river was at flood stage…  I had so much fun!!!  I was motorcycle camping at the time…  😉

TheWeekendHiker says:

Good food, beautiful scenery, and plenty of company to share it with. What more could a guy ask for. -ATB Adam

Jim Cyr says:

great paddle segment

BillGoudy says:

Outstanding adventure, Jaxx…  Man oh man …  It has been a few years but, I caught catfish (and ate them ) from the Suwannee River…  Keep up the good work!!!  😉

Frank Fowlkes says:

This is a great paddling trip Jaxx. Over the past several years we have gone all the way from Stephen Foster State Park to Fanning Springs down near the Gulf. The River Camps are a great place to stop on the way. All have enclosed screened camping  huts, restrooms and a covered dinning pavilion with grills. The best part is that you can only access these camps from the water so they are seldom crowded.

Tim Watson says:

First, that hat and music is all you. How cool was it during the day? That stew looked ridiculously hearty and awesome. says:

Got lucky and found this video from a comment you left over at Booger’s channel. We live in Jax and have been investigating a kayak trip down this Suwanee later this Spring.

Roger Lamb says:

Great trip with your friends, I really liked the hat with the music .  Merry Christmas to you and your family.

TAC-HILL says:

looks like a great time out there! them two boats all tore up was crazy! like your choice of music too. relaxing.

Adventure Outdoors says:

LOL, you killed me with the Geisha music and THAT HAT! Wasn’t expecting that. Beautiful paddle and river. Looks like you were comfy on your new yak. Looking forward to the next vids.

FIBBI Cartagean says:

OMG, U was lookubg for a lamb chop recipe and… that is hiw I got to here.

live4wild says:

Looks like a great trip. How makes the stove?

Andrew Bullock says:

Beautiful stuff.

uptrail71 says:

Excellent Video! I should have watched this part 1 first. lol


Dam I’m easily brainwashed by music ! Is that a river in Japan?
Very cool charcuterie bush craft board !
I LOVE capelin caviar !


great trip and awesome view there (^_^) enjoy it my friend

lilricky2515 says:

Great vid as usual! Are you going to attend Hangcon this year?

lapicker says:

A cool(ie) new hat with matching music! 😉

Russell Tyson says:

That looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing.
That soup looked fabulous!

FIBBI Cartagean says:

I would switch places any day, thanks very interesting.

Kentucky Woodsman says:

Man what an awesome Kayaking trip! That river is beautiful and super clean and clear, but I am sure all the springs help with that. Man you eat well on your camping trips! Thanks for sharing!

Couch2Trail YouTube Channel says:

Looks like a nice little change of pace from hiking. Good time with good company and good food- hard to beat! Thanks Jaxx!

Backcountry Exposure says:

Caviar on the river! If you eat bad on a river trip, you’ve failed.

Calvin's Corner72 says:

Way down younder in the Suwannee River….Far far ….away!!!! That’s the song my sister and I sang every time we crossed it on Interstate 75 on our way to my birth town way South of this. Did you keep an eye out for the snakes and the Gators? I have never ate that Caviar.  I would have also kept out an eye for arrowheads and sharks teeth. That rocky outcrop is the ancient sea bed. It’s worn away. It is Millions of years old and the river has carved down to and through it. That’s where you can just pick up fossilized Sharks Teeth!  I hope you get out their and look around some.

Steph Mcbroom says:

come get me ,I’ll go anytime,great video,love you,sister

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