SORTING HAT – All 4 Houses – Gryffindor Hufflepuff Ravenclaw Slytherin – Celebration Of Harry Potter

At Universal Studios A CELEBRATION OF HARRY POTTER event, the sorting hat is stranding by to reveal what house fans belong in. Here, we see all houses being represented as the hat sorts fans into Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin.

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Hufflepuff 7 says:

She asks you what your House is, and then she can click a button, or program it to say whatever house you want it to be.

xnixxyz says:

i’m a huffleclaw!

afroz talat says:

Proud Gryffindor

Its Millamimmy says:


Sayori says:

Ravenclaw for me

Sapphire Plays13 says:

I’m a Gryffindor, but I would kill to be in Slytherin. So, Gryffindor for life I guess lmao.

Mx destroyed Gang says:

Guys please comment here your house mine is slyverin

bella val says:

I wanna do this because people never think I’m ravenclaw

Happy11monkey games says:

Ravenclaw for life

Tyohni21 says:

I’d say “no” if they asked if I had a favorite house LOL! But I know it a hat stall between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff like Neville LOL

Kenzie Backlin says:

They should do this in California they have a Harry Potter theme park there

AVANI Sulh says:

I am Griffidroo

Raspberry Lps Productions says:

Where are all my Gryffondors

Wttt123 456 says:


Kitty_ Corn says:

If I got sorted into Hufflepuff………

Waddle says:

I would be upset if I didn’t get Gryffindor

itsnick 3134 says:

How else is a hufflepuff

Fahmi Hoque says:


Haya Sammy says:

one I saw the thumbnail I jumped and I screamed and I think anyone in the backround got scared when I screamed

Carly's Corner says:


Ravenpug -9000 says:

#ravenclaw squad! Ravenclaw squad were you at! Ravenclaw for the win yo!

Zoe Flynn says:

I am a Ravenclaw

jhwatson98 says:

I’m a slytherin

TheUnexplainableCrumbs says:

Are the staff required to use English accents? She didn’t do a bad job, but there were times when I could tell she was American.

Lady Shilo says:

God this is crinkly

Kyndra Unas says:

Proud Gryffindor 🙂

CobyKoopaJr says:

All ready sorted on Pottermore. #badgerpride

Ashley PlayZ says:

There’s a computer controller to make them have the house they want btw I’m in ravenclaw

Burgandy Black says:

I didn’t tell them my favorite or wear my favorite house and when I walked up I didn’t even sit down and it said Gifferindor! And I was shocked

PCpixelated says:

I did one of these at an exhabition in Toronto when I was a kid and everyone came up and said what house they wanted to be in and none said hufflepuff and when they asked me what my favourite house was I just shrugged happily and they fully knew I was a hufflepuff 😛

HarryGinnyRonHermoine PotterWeasleyWeasleyGranger says:

She ain’t putting the hat on their heads

I am so bored please send help says:

*sorted into slytherin*
“Find a Hufflepuff in there. Find yourself a friend”


Preslasia says:

You can tell she’s gotta press a button for which house. Shame there isn’t a “Random” if a person truly doesn’t know.

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