Ranking every hat in Red Dead Redemption 2

Howdy, partner. Nice hat you got there. But is it the nicest? Brian David Gilbert uses his patented Form/Funk/Fance criteria system to rank every single hat you can equip at camp in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Erik Torsteinsson says:

I like the civil war hat the best, no hat second Arthur’s gambler hat 3rd

Epicman 11 says:

You are missing rare hats you dirty fucking hat misser

skrillex544 says:

My only criticism for this video is that this mans face was not in the thumbnail, how am I suppose to know my favorite and only reason I’m subscribed to this channel is the one doing this video?
Please polygon remember to make it clear when this guy is the one doing the video because other wise people might not click on it, I almost didnt and in so glad I did.

SuperAdamska64 says:

Arthur’s gambler hat is the best because of the emotional and sentimental value it carries

Kaylee Johnson says:

How dare you! A zero for function for the stovepipe top hat!!! Abraham Lincoln would store letters and other important documents along the rim of the inside of his hat.

HaouLeo says:

I’m not ab ig hat conoisseur so i can’t argue about that, but i strongly disagree with your beard of choice

zware88 says:

Those hats should’ve definitely made it to the game, yeah. You peeps should do a reassesment which considers found/stolen, and hidden hats around the map; the tricorn shall be found to fall into the reasessment. Otherwise, good stuff and funny way to look at a piece of garment, and would be interesting to see it done with the rest of Arthur’s clothing!

Joe the anti furry says:

I 100% agree that Jim Cary mask should be in the game

Philip Abundo says:

You forgot the exotic hat

just taking a walk says:

1:40 latest Minecraft animal

Pk 11 says:

5:56 the tricorn hat is in the game you just have to find it at a boat wreck on an island by the second camp

Dirk Spacefear says:

This is Unraveled in spirit

Andrew Cassidy says:

I know it doesn’t fit the criteria but I am disappointed the pirate hat isn’t included

John Claude says:

No Pirate hat?? Arthur rocks a tricorn

please god anything but that says:

Ah, but the tricorn IS in the game.

xhuntarianx says:

The beaver drifter hat is my personal favorite.

Pk 11 says:

Arthur’s gambler hat (the one he starts with) is the best one it looks so good.

Hes The Phantom says:

If you use cheat codes to unlock legend of the east you don’t deserve it

Jean says:

I love you Brian.

cerberus144 says:

There is a Tricorn hat in the game,

Thonk Tank says:

Not enough insanity in this one.

Liam McConnell says:

No one’s mentioning the absence of my personal favorite, namely the Rat Infantry Hardee Hat.

Just thought i’d remind people it exists.

Kevin Fitzsimons says:

No Rodeo hat?

Snowy says:

As someone who’s spent around 1500 hours in Tf2, is consider myself an expert in hats, and I’d have to agree with this list.

Carprincess says:

Wow this was great! I never thought I’d be invested in hats and Red Dead Redemption… But here I am, thanks, Brian!

Inisii says:

Now TF2

Kwaidan Duncan says:

There IS a tricorn hat in the game

Blueblueberry says:

Thank you Brian

Albert Einstein says:

Arthur’s gambling hat is best hat. You just have bad taste.

Elana Kadish says:

*sees the title* “well this sounds like a video brian would have made” *clicks video* “yep”.

Scott Wittie says:

Brian was the guy playing Doom wasn’t he? You can tell me, I’m not trying to judge or anything. Just curious.

Escher Van Wijk says:

Yo I just realized that you kinda sound like slimecicle

Asta C. J. says:

Knew Brian David Gilbert would be in the video, even before I clicked the video..

Jeff Goldbroom says:

0:15 you totally missed on opportunity to add formula and add more iliteration

Chris! W says:

foam 4 red dead

Pixel Bytes says:

These damn city slickers!

Cade Ridley says:

How dare you, you forgot the secret hats and lootable hats, which include a tricorn thank you very much

Cae _hd says:

tricorn is in the game

Eugenia OL says:

There’s also all the found/stolen or the rest of the crafted ones hats but I guess that could go for another video

Badusername2000 says:

arthurs gambler hat is unarguably the best hat in the game.

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