Know Your Hats: Fedora vs Trilby

Did you know that the hat you think is a fedora is actually called a trilby? This guide explains the difference.


REDRUM says:

smart man

NilsK says:

Why is there a nazi swastika in the background?!!!

Marcia Lacher says:

SWASTIKA ALERT!!! What gives???

Daniyar Zhumadilov says:

Че за фигня? Почему свастика в кадре?

SSJ22Terris says:

Okay, good to know the distinction.

Tony C says:

Actually most of the trilbys I see are worn on the front portion of mens heads pulled down….

Jon Bradfield says:

These morons can’t pay attention to the hats. I have been wearing men’s hats since 1975 (I was 20). Grow up and pay attention to the hats gentlemen (if you are, in fact, gentlemen).

GeoBuff1968 says:

I like the painting from Goodfellas in the background(:

Demar DeLowry says:

That’s cool but does the narwhal bacon at midnight?

Ago Jackson says:

Michael Jackson?

GrogMindwhip says:

Ah, I just thought fedoras turned you into a hipster and a trilby made you a douche. I see.

Octavius Washington says:

At first I thought he was Charlie Day……Wildcard Bitches!

Urho Drinks Water says:


roxorsoxor says:

*tips trilby*

LameStudiosInc says:

did you know I don’t fucking care?

tuschman168 says:

I have been edumacated!

Armani Nguon says:

There is a difference I only wear my stenson fedora with my suit when I’m going somewhere. I do have trilby I have a straw trilby for the summer

Parasites says:

Lionel from dead alive lookin ass

BelNry says:

Is it just me or is the camera ever so slightly tilted to the left?

ChamZeron says:

why does he have a swastika in the back right top corner.

Jeremy Boateng says:


Daste83 says:

Good morning, Sir. Could you tell me what brand and style the brown fedora is? I love it. Have a great day. D.

Poppamunz says:

DId anyone else not notice the swastika until reading the comments pointing it out?

CarlTheCuck says:

Your tie is too fat

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