How To: Modifying Your Boonie Hat

How to on modifying your boonie hat brim to fit your purpose. Thanks to JWatterson69 and Tactical Tony 702 for making me get this done.


Mule TeamSixtySix says:

so what do ya think about adding wire to it to stiffen it up?

natrone23 says:

Mamasan can do a better job!

mrninninnin says:

Booda on Race and Cliven Bundy

Nathan Asphyxia says:


Sckarekrow says:

That “trim piece” is called piping, and you fucked that all up. Cutting along the seam is uneven. You have to measure it and use a pen to draw a line.

Rebel Soulutions says:

Your a jack of all trades HDP, a two beer effort…lol

Xander T Saint says:

no need sharpen that knife soldier

GLO SLOW says:


Devin Stromgren says:

I’ve always thought the brim looked goofy because it was too narrow.

Andrew Leightell says:

It’s authorised when your on exercise or operations and you get the order soft cover. You dont really want to wear a beret in a desert  or high humidity environment so the bush hat is perfect. Thats how it works for the British army anyway.

David Bourg says:

my hat has buttons I would like to modify it but idk how

elflakeador09 says:

Great video, what knife are you using?

jace142 says:

This Gentleman is correct. For all of you discounting cutting the brim are either civilians or military that were in support units or a line unit where one isn’t allowed to modify your equipment. (you don’t know what you don’t know). Even with the brim trimmed one is still afforded plenty of protection from the sun/rain. When one spends a lot of time down range having a brim that wide gets to be a pain in the A**. We never put the trim back on… reason being, that over time the edge will fray providing a sort of textured camo (kind of like frayed burlap on ghillie suits. Former 18 Bravo and ODA Team member on a Strategic Reconaissance Team.

Eric Payne says:

it sticks out that far for cover and concealment duhhhhhhhh

Martina Dejaquiz says:

well, was good & thunmbe up. however, no before and after while wearing to see the diff. thx.

Christian Hamric says:

As a point man my boonie hat brim obscures my teams line of sight……. Why because Marine Corps!

Showemright YTchannel says:

As we say in the Navy….Bravo Zulu…

Sam Watson says:

i just bought one, looked retarded with a massive brim! just sent to to a seamstress to have it done professionally.

eltenda fabrizio says:

in the army we used old eletric wire…

TacticalTony702 says:


Sonoran Desert Prepper says:

Damn Betsy Ross, looks good

dthreadjr says:

I’m not knocking it but I don’t see how it gets in your field of vision I’ve got a DPC jungle camo from what I can tell it’s no different than just a baseball cap if I had issues with it being in my field of vision I would Pin It Up to each his own

ZivaForFreedom says:

Sweet, Ive been lookin for one of those, thx for sharin that!

Davey Ankersmit says:

No thank you,  I really want to see you enjoy a day in the  sun or rain.
I’ll surely be less burned or wet when it happens.

The only modification you need to do is two treatments of odorless sealant spray so it’s impenetrable to water.

TheLordMuzzy says:

Your knife needs sharpening mate. Nice vid though.

leo garibay says:

Is anyone allowed to buy a USMC boonie hat ?

yejnomym says:

You could always stiffen it with metal wire:

Wingman115 says:

I need to get you a Tilley LTM6 Multicam Hat. Last hat you will ever need. Guarantied for life. Thanks for posting brother.

Joie Mojica-Gahum says:

Very good. Too bad I can’t do it with my roadeavour.

XGC Scrappy says:

Wow, seems like a lot of work I just sew mine over or under.  Yea a dude who knows how to use a sewing machine, laugh at me all you want.  Fold and go.  Try practicing using a thimble.  I sound gay.  Good morning.  Good vid.

matt snoozle says:

This is in violation of the Wear and Appearance of a Military Uniform. Sergeant Major is going to smoke the shit out of you if he sees this…

mikeyb byekim says:

this is totally absurd and stupid. people wanting to be “cool guy” with “cool guy” stuff. yep, being THAT guy.

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