This is a simple video showing how to clean white hats.
Only 4 simple items needed:
-Laundry Detergent
-Tooth Brush
-Dirty white Hat

I hope this video helps!

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Lil H says:

will it ruin the shape of the hat?

Kashaun Morris says:

Good video. Just used this to clean my Warriors hat. Appreciated.

ShinyHunterFlareon says:

Do you have to use a hairdryer bc i want to just air dry it

NIC RAE says:

tried this and it works so well! thanks for the tips!

Delta Nine says:

what happens if the form of my hat gets messed up from drying? how to i fix my hat?

Sylvan Billingsleyjr says:

Can anybody gimme a link where I can order dad hats like those

SmiLes says:

Bro thanks so much my dad hat got a little dirty but it’s better now thanks man

Drink Me says:

Will it work for coffee stains.
I had drips of coffee on my fingers and i touched my adidas cap that i just,just got that day

Deuce Horn says:

lol you’re ripped in this video haha

Paul Gonzalez says:

Oof i tried this but i still have the yellow sweat stains ;( ima keep scrubbing tho

Snake Doc says:

AJ Soprano!

Z3RO M says:

Thanks for the video!

SmiLes says:

The only question is what about the inside where your forehead would be

Jarod Hernandez says:

What if we don’t have a blow dryer, can I throw it in the dryer for 5 mins?

AcesBills says:

Nigga I ain’t that type of person but why didn’t you turn off the water when you cleaned it

Jonathon Earl says:

Thanks! Great vid!

MissMariMack_17 says:

Does this work better than baking soda orrr..???

BigDonAC says:

I’ve got a Palace hat that’s real dirty, but it’s 100% Polyester what would you suggest for that???

Lawrence Paul Cabrera says:

Hi do you think it will also works with other light colours? For example pink. Thanks in advance!

Daniel Gannon says:


J m says:

the washing shit stained my hat

okayxnike MSP says:

Does your hat turn the colour of your detergent? After a few days/weeks?

Itzx _FuRy says:

What if its polyester?

Drink Me says:

Will this also work with shoes

Bin says:

instruction not clear got my dick stuck in the sink

TechNOGeek Reviews says:

I needed this my collection of 5 or 6 super hero caps are getting dirty il watch it tmr thank you .

Brook C says:

what song is ur intro

Mariaaaa459 says:

where did you purchase this hat ?


Water is it wasting or not .R u using a tub

Level Joe says:

@ 0:12 whoa, he’s white!

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