George Strait Resistol Cowboy Hat : A closer look and why I wear it

Resistol George Strait Kingwood – (8X) Straw Cowboy Hat

Key Features:
• 8X Straw
• 4 3/8″ Long oval crown
• Cattleman profile 73
• Eyelets
• 4″ Brim
• Leather band
• Available in Natural

Kingwood, from Resistol’s George Strait Collection, is a handsome 8X straw cowboy hat with either a 4″ or 3 1/2″ brim and a 4 3/8″ Long Oval crown with eyelets, Cattleman profile 73. The hat is adorned with a brown leather band that features silver conchos and an arrow design.


Ifsofacto1 says:

Don’t lay your hat down on a bed genius.  If you don’t know why you don’t need to own a resistol.  You also never put a hat down with the brim down.

Texas Jedi says:

Ive got a couple, but I only wear them out dancing, or to the farm !

TheRealCobraBurnout says:

So late yesterday, My sweet little 3 year girl managed to retrieve my hat, throw it on the ground and STOMPED it out! I am beside myself about this. She couldn’t give me a reason as to why she did it either. I was able to get it popped back out but I don’t think it will ever be the same. Oh and looks like my troll is back. Thanks troll for the thumbs down.

Thanksman says:

That thing is nice, but there is no way i could rock it like you do!

Bladenball says:

Get An Akubra hat

jasper kruger says:

+therealcobraburnout I have that exact hat dude its so nice!!!!

MCK says:

black for winter, white for summer, good lookin hat brother

Holly Roscoe says:

nice hat 🙂 I own the exact same one and I think I’m the only barrel racer in the world that hates bling-y sparkly hats and tack, haha

Dallas Alberta says:

I’ve got a Resistol Jason Aldean straw hat for summer and a Smithbilt Felt Cattleman when it’s cooler.

The bow inside the hat is a traditional tribute to past hat makers who died of mercury poisoning while processing felt. 

From Wikipedia: Inside the cowboy hat is a memorial bow to past hatters, who developed brain damage from treating felt with toxic mercury (which gave rise to the expression “Mad as a hatter”). The bow on the inside hatband at the rear of the hat resembles a Skull and crossbones.[19] “Early hatters used mercury in the making of their felt. Their bodies absorbed mercury, and after several years of making hats, the hatters developed violent and uncontrollable muscle twitching. The ignorance of the times caused people to attribute these strange gyrations to madness, not mercury.”[6]

Andres Lugo says:

bonito sombrero

rls303 says:

As they say, everything’s bigger in Texas!  Resistol, the largest manufacturer of hats in the world!, This is one of those hats that will last you life time, Congrats

Patriot Sons of Liberty says:

I wear my Resistol cowboy hat to annoy liberals.

504 Dirt Dart says:

Pretty sure I couldn’t rock that like you do – lol

Albatross497 says:

Looks good man!

Living the Outdoors says:

hey nice hat do u mind me asking how much 

Frederico Videos says:

There is a song about Cowboy Hat. The picture looks like a resistal: Where is My Cowboy Hat

pen mightygun says:

you look better in a hat. sorry about your cancer.

omar tibayan says:

cool hat partner i have a better one then that and its on top of my head my head is bigger then your partner i,m from texas to just like you my hat cost me 350.00$ and its a 8x beaver in white felt stetson better then yours partner

Jessica Walker says:

i think more men from texas should wear them. i love it!

MCDS Daddy says:

Good looking hat. 

marc eggers says:

anyone would say never put it on its brim

mslizzyborden says:

That hat looks nice on you….

colin mikesell says:

dude…looks like a bed you were putting your hat on??? that’s a big NO NO for a cowboy as well as putting hat down on the brim (as you did)..hat goes down up side down not to flatten the brim….ez pz !!!

Antonio Del Rio says:

I have to say that’s a sharp looking hat, I have the exact same one. resistol makes great quality hats.

Marsh Rat says:

I’m digging that hat.  I “think” we’re finally getting Spring here in Ohio and ready to trade my beaver hat for my straw.

Eric Koni says:

Nice hat my friend. I got a lone ranger hat.

Dudely Skeptic says:

I use to have a George Strait Resistol hat I had bought from Woods Boots many moons ago. I wore by boots and my hat ragged and been too broke to get new ones.

KILLKING110 says:

Gonna look up prices been needing a good hat to protect my face and back of my neck from the sun

Samuel Badillo says:

Awesome hat. 

The0to1smell says:


jasper kruger says:

I have that exact hat dude its so nice!!!

Kevin Palencia .tenacore says:


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