Gandalf the Grey Hat How-To

In this video I’ll show you how to make a Gandalf the Grey hat, you can use this pattern to make any witch or wizard hat.
I am putting all the information about the pattern pieces and what you fabric you need here, in order to keep the video at an acceptable length.

To measure the radius of a circle: Circumference divided by Pi= diameter,
Diameter divided by 2 = radius

( How much fabric you’ll need, will depend on the size of your hat)

– Medium to heavy woolly type fabric
– lining fabric
– heavy fuse or fusing
– pillow stuffing

Pattern Pieces, cut:

-outer layer = 1 cone piece
2 brim pieces
-lining layer = 1cone piece
-heavy fuse= 2 brim pieces
1 cone piece (will be attached to the outer layer)


Music: from the YouTube library


vidstarr says:

I want to do this to finalise my Gandalf the Grey costume…So, today I brought two or yards two metres of Grey felt. Which right now seems  a little too light for the body of a large floppy wide brimmed wizard’s hat, so I might order some heavier.I also brought some coils of thick metal wire. Otherwise called armatures. I have about four of these each and they should enough to help shape the cone into a banana type shape that I noticed with every picture I have seen of his hat.I already tried this with the cheap version of the official replica of the hat. Which I found to be too small to stay on my head without forcing it down over my noggin and with a badly shaped cone on top that never satisfied me. also wanted a wider brim. As wire, I did use a spare coat hanger made from wire cover in that coloured lanolin and it almost worked when I tore the  stitching on the inside of it where my head goes and shoved the wire inside where I had already fashioned it in a loop to fit over my head and curved arm to influence the shape of the cone more. It only stood taller and the wired kept falling out due my in experience with sowing. Overall, I just wanted another hat that looked closer to what I had seen in the film or any of the official art work I have also seen.  I had already wore what might have been considered okay to the casual observer…..

Wasn’t happy with the large grey nightshirt I was sent when I brought this on Ebay….

More like a dress, hardly very practical for wizard that can pull off all those martial artist moves that Ian Mac Kellan did in the films I had these dumb looking but every cheap grey ugg boots for foot wear that I kept stepping out of and this small pouch that was not made to hold my wallet and card holder. Lost one of those completely when I wore this get up to the premier of the thirds Hobbit film in my home town nearly two year earlier. So, I’m upgrading costume for convention later this year.Yet, going back to today……I also brought a spool of dark grey thread. and sewing kit that had more threads of every colour except what I wanted, bobby pins, sewing needles, a thimble, a pin cushion and some scissors and I think there is also measuring tape as well. I really need my own seamstress, but will try to wing it and just go by what I know of looping thread over and over to attach what I need. I have some vague knowledge of macramé that I was shown by my mother when I was a lot younger. I also remember how to fold over / cross stitch two different coloured paper streamers for what would pass for Xmas decorations when that stuff still mattered. That’s all the know about that sort of thing.And some cardboard, a large sheet of it. It’s heavy duty stuff, that may be good to give the brim some hold. Of course, I am not making mine the same as yours and would like some advice about what I have chosen and about the fusing you have used. I not sure what you meant by that.

cutezombiekitteh says:

This is the best wizard/witch hat making video!

Alfian Naufal says:

in 2:54 are you talking about the radius, diameter or the circumference?, thanks a lot

blade wyng says:

This is going to be a great help for when I create a wizard hat. Thank you.

GetWrecked says:

Very nice tutorial ! I have one question : If you wear it in the rain will it get super heavy and change form? If yes is there a way to prevent that?

Joshua Taylor says:

This is a great video tutorial. Your work is very nice and your hat is beautiful. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Emma says:

Bless you for showing this in an easy to understand way!!! I love that you made a tinnie paper hat!!!!

Gabriel Teixeira says:

Thanks for the video! What is heavy fuse?

stephen vanderbeck says:

This is awesome! I just wish I knew how to sow…

Al pasar la barca le metí juegos says:

thank you very much, I needed help for myself cosplay 😀 Greetings from Canary Island in Spain 😀 <333333333!!!!

Phil says:

Slowed the speed down on this video to help me understand the words. That helped a little.

SoduhParty says:

when you make the cone for the top of the hat on paper, you said to measure the circle and then divide by two to know where to stop, but what exactly are you measure? circumference of circle or like diameter? sorry i just don’t want to mess up 🙂

DUH sos says:

Hello , how I do not understand 100 % English I tried but did not work! Please would like to create a hat for me and sell me ? I am here in Brazil and take much of a hat like yours. Send me an email:

Jennifer Boshuizen says:

This is the only good video around, thank you 🙂

Fayli says:

Great video! My Witch hat is beautiful.. to bad I made it a bit to small =[
But thanks for the instruction! ^_^

Janet Lascher says:

Wonderful! thank you

Ylana Lovell says:

Super helpful! Thank you!

JellyKat says:

cool i might use this for a vivi hat

Melody Ryan says:

awesome video! I made a few wizard hats for friends in the past and I’ll be using your technique in the future! It was very easy to follow, thank you!

Jane Rocha says:

very nice! thank you for share it!

Frappuccino says:

What if you wanna put a ribbon all around at the brim of the hat? I want my hat to have yellow all around the brim of the hat, but do I stitch it in last?

JellyKat says:

got my material, but forgot the fusing!. I have never sewn a hat before but I am making a hat for a Vivi ff9 cosplay for my bf. I really like this tutorial will let ul how it goes

Esti Grifel says:

great! thank you!!

Kamikaze Pigeon says:

This is an amazing tutorial, it’s explained so simply and in a way that’s easy to understand. Thank you so much for this!

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