Akubra Territory Hat Review- Hats By The Hundred

Check out this age old but still very successful hat by Akubra. Available in store and online at www.hatsbythe100.com.au.


Patrick Seda says:

I really like the look of the Territory. I’ve wanted an Akubra for more than a decade now. I spend a lot of time outdoors but have never really been into wearing hats. Unfortunately now that I’m getting older and need more protection from the sun due to the steady lose of my natural shading on the top of my head, I think it’s time to pull the trigger on one of these. Oh did I mention I really like the look of the Territory? I think the sand color would due me just right. Thanks for the video and like the previous comment I too like to see the hat worn during the review. It gives me a better visual of what it might look like on me. Thanks again.

Finkardop says:

this is gonna be my next hat. buying it for the summer here in the states. I own a cattleman thats black so it’ll heat up a lot quicker in the sun.

peterplaysful says:

Ive just got one of these hats…..nice working hat. Because of the large brim you would need a chin strap the wind will catch it. It s great hat in the rain or the hot sun. I will be looking for another akubra..I love the quality and the price.

jason hunt says:

I have a question about my territory. Ive had mine for awhile now and the brim had lost that nice even drover shape. Its more just flat at the sides with the front and back turned down. I got the shape back by pulling at the front and the back kinda like I was putting a long oval into it. Im just wondering if this is the correct way to put the shape into the brim after the wind and rain have its way with it. How would you put the brim back to the shape they have coming out of the box I guess I am asking.

1978ajax says:

The Territory is an absolute _blast_ of a hat – love it! Have several; perfect practically speaking and with the most Australian look of the whole range, IMO.
Best chinstrap for these, if required, is, I think, the adjustable one made for an Australian military slouch hat. Two thin brass split pins (or even a bent paper-clip) eased carefully through the stitching of the leather headband will hold it easily, and these are long enough to flip over the back of the brim when not needed.
Oh yes – I prefer no music too, and like to see the hat being worn in the review. Thanks for these reviews.

John Grytbakk says:

enjoyed this review much more than the others with all that loud noisy music.

David Chamberlain says:

Been wearing one of these in sand daily for a few years now. Live a pretty rough farm lifestyle and she shows the wear but does a great job of keeping me cool in the summer warm in winter and dry year round. Excellent excellent Hat!

Martina Dejaquiz says:

thank you – hit liked.

Martina Dejaquiz says:

i wish i could go there in-person! thanks so much!

peter B says:

love the territory , i have 3 of them , a black one for winter , a sand one for summer and a santone fawn for work ! Best hat ever for a bald aussie bloke !!

Marco Fuoco says:

cappelli eccezionali

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