What’s this hat called?? | 25 types of hats for men & women | Justine Leconte

This video is a trip back in time, through hat history and about the people who wore them. It is also a hat lexicon with 25 types of hats. I hope you will enjoy it!

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Hats & names mentioned:

Parts of a hat: the crown, the crease, the brim, the band.
Homburg hat (Winston Churchill, Al Pacino in The Godfather)
Trilby hat (Sean Connery in James Bond)
Fedora hat (Indiana Jones)
Bowler hat (Charlie Chaplin)
Pork pie hat (Buster Keaton)
Deerstealker (Sherlock Holmes)
Cowboy hat
Ivy cap (Prince Charles)
Newsboy cap (David Beckham)
Beret ( or French beret)
Bucket hat
Panama hat
Boater hat (The Great Gatsby & friends)
Bumper brim hat (Queen Elizabeth – but usually the brim rolls up a lot more than this)
Pillbox hat (Jackie Kennedy)
Cloche (bell) hat (Jean Crawford)
Mushroom hat (Audrey Hepburn)
Vagabond hat
Floppy hat
Cartwheel hat (here: design by Jean Patou)
Breton hat (casquette bretonne)
Fascinator hat (Kate Middleton, Sarah Jessica Parker)
The magical hat maker: Philip Treacy!


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Patrícia Xará says:

Hi, Justine!

I’ve been calling my hats by the wrong names for a long time! 😮
So, the ones with the upwards brim at the back are trilby hats? I’ve always called them fedoras!
I have a hat that’s made of some sort of synthetic fiber imitating a straw hat. I call it a panama, but it has the shape of a trilby. So, is it just a trilby with a larger brim and different material or is it a panama?
What about a hat like this? http://adjocom.com/img/cms/DICTIONNAIRE-COIFFURE/C/CAPELINE/capeline-cheveux-protection-solaire-2.jpg I call it a capeline, in portuguese. Is it a floppy hat?

Thank you! I love your videos!

Lisbeth Klebba says:

In the southern U.S. where I live, the stores are full of “church hats”… They cover a variety of styles, but are usually brightly colored, or white, and often quite extravagant! You see lots of women shopping for them each year as Easter approaches.

Virginia V. says:

Enjoyed this vid so much. I am a long-time admirer of Phillip Treacy as well. I have bought hats in the past, but when it came down to it, I rarely wore them, except for the occasional beret in the winter. Living in California, hats felt way too formal for my casual lifestyle. I enjoyed re-learning the names of all the classic hat styles. Thank you, Justine!

Jazmin Aguilar says:


Justine Leconte officiel says:

Which hat is your favorite? 🙂 And which hats do people wear in YOUR country?…

Raena Saber says:

I’ve always been a big fan of the vagabond hat, i think i might start wearing them after all

Christina Talanda says:

hats hats and more hats!!! lol lol. they are fun to wear but also very functional. during nice weather I get wide brimmed lite weight “beach”? hat. I cut the top off. too hot for me. then pull a ponytail thru the top.lol. tks for all the names of the various styles. never knew! !

Belle Pierre says:

calling the hat a “facinator” is rather recent, as it was the netting/tulle or lace that concealed the wearer’s eyes, face or part of the face that was called the “facinator” because it served as a barrier between the world and the woman behind it and that was considered fascinating and mysterious.

Alma Toledo says:

My weakness is hats with veils or netting. i dream of a Chanel hat with a little netting i saw years ago… like a sensual sailor chic woman.

mellimoon77 says:

Justine! Merci encore, ton vidéo est génial comme toujours 🙂
I definitely think it’s a shame that not so many people wear hats these days, especially men. I’ve always been a ‘hat wearer’ and often get complimented by people of all age groups. I once wore a top hat on the metro on the way to a party and got some comments from complete strangers who told me how good I looked in it 🙂
Most of my hats are vintage. My favourites are a dark green velvet bowler hat I bought in Paris for 5€ and another green large rimmed hat with a cord band and large feathers that I bought in Amsterdam which turned out to be a traditional Austrian “Trachten” hat which I realised when I started living here!!! 🙂

phantomkate6 says:

I have a few hats and have been researching practical solutions for storage + care. It’s really hard to find hat boxes these days! Trying to find a balance between optimal storage space use + good care. Also, I don’t want to hang them on the wall where they will just get dusty + faded!

Mare Graphix says:

Sound level is too low!

Alma Toledo says:

Oh yes, turbans are beautiful and glamourous.

li wall says:

I second Violet Rose’s comment about the Australian Akubra, somewhere between a Floppy and a Cowboy hat. Also true to say that hats are becoming more common in Australia where some schools don’t allow kids outside during school hours unless they’re wearing a hat (because of the high UV levels). Most common hat for kids is the cotton Bucket hat, often with a slightly wider and stiffer brim, because it stays on when kids are running around in the playground. But for me, I’m inspired and going out to buy a Cloche I saw recently

dayof thelords says:


Barzoolka says:

I feel completely the same about Phillip Treacy hats…I would looove to have one but will never wear it, jst stare at its beauty 😀

Esmasmile says:

I love hats and I even wear them above my hijab (headscarf) to protect myself from the sun 😀

Haxy Quinn says:

I think right now the panama hat is more popular than the bucket hat in the Caribbean I’ve seen many people wearing them lately specially women, big hats like the floppy hat is just used by the tourists at the beach (which is a giveaway, so it looks good but dont use it if you dont want people asking you for money)

TheMusiclover500 says:

A lot of working class white people (mostly Irish) in Boston still wear “Ivy Cap’s” (but we call them “Scally caps”) my whole family and me have them, always Irish wool lol. I don’t think they trend anywhere else in America though lol

Alma Toledo says:

I need a fascinator¡¡ merci bien ma chère Justine. Suggestion: blazers and jacket video…coats…:)

Anne Raslask says:

Perfectly timed Justine! I am purchasing three hats this summer – for a garden party, a wedding and to protect my head during golf. I learn so much from you with every video. Merci beaucoup!

Debora Hadeen says:

I love to wear cloches. I have a small head and a large bust, so this evens me out a bit. I like the hat from Helen Kaminski, the Newport Upturn – sort of a female boater. I was taught that the everyday hat should blend with the color of your hair and that all hats are meant to be worn at a jaunt (an angle that works with your profile). I also have fashion statement hats – larger brims with small crown and the really large brim Italian hat.

Ann Korn says:

My favorite hat is a black bowler hat. It is felted wool and firm, round top and a three inch brim that is rolled upwards. Something like the type Queen of England wears. It is different from what most people where here in the United States and I call it my “Queen Elizabeth hat”. I wear it in the winter outdoors.

somethinguncreative says:

Waitaminute…What’s the difference between a boater and a porkpie? Are they made of the same material?

phoebephoebo .sydney says:

Pork Pie hats aren’t forgotten now (2:50). You see them on Breaking Bad, on various rappers, on Ska singers, on Taylor Swift and on quite a few hipsters I’ve seen round London.

Ann Korn says:

When you showed the pork pie hat brought back thoughts of holidays. On the Fourth of July you’ll see them in white with red, white, and blue stripped bands. Similar designs for the New Year, more like a fun hat to be worn at a party.
United States, of course.

fredio54 says:

7 seconds in, can’t fool my eyes, much neater editing, but still better without it 🙂

nataliaga15 says:

we have the traditional Sombrero Vueltiao which is worn diffrently ein each region of my country 😀

Fliss Walton says:

I loved this video. I have about 30 hats, I’ve stopped wearing them since becoming a mum, but I think I’m going to start again! Xx

Nico Lugo says:

Hats are not too popular here in Norway, but if you do wear one, it’s a traditional cap or bonnet for traditional celebrations, a sunhat to protect from sun, and of course an array of winter hats. The deer stalking hat is very popular amongst young girls and boys in the winter because it offers so much warmth for their ears and neck, while those of us that are older (teenagers and adults that have not reached a stage of being elderly) tend to actually wear hats like berets or a knitted cap sort of like the bell hat but more flexible. The elderly tend to go back to wearing the deer hunting hats since they need to maintain more warmth.

Linda Liriel says:

I love hats and wear them often, and so does my fiancé who often wears a black trillby. From the less-frequently used to the almost daily in a loose list I own and wear: one yellow cartwheel hat with black details; a white hat that looks like a cross between a cartwheel and a mushroom because the rim folds rather dramatically downwards but has feathers all around the crown (it sounds horrible but it’s actually very nice); a red derby with a black ribbon and black netting, a brown flat cap, a gray faux fur hat (it looks like an ushanka but without the ear flaps); a pink paper derby, a summer cartwheel hat with paper flowers; a floppy sunhat with pink and blue ribbons; a red and black velvet fascinator with a silver button and black feathers (dainty enough to be worn in the evening and not just at weddings), a gray and black newsboy cap, a gray and burgundy trillby I stole from my fiancé; and finally two berets I crocheted myself, one red and one white. I’m sure I’m forgetting one or two 🙂

Lissy London says:

My husband loves the Ivy Cap. He wears them daily. Unless in the Caribbean when he wears the Panama Hat.

Personally I love hats and purchase many from CA4LA (Pronounced ka- she-la) which is a Japanese hat shop that is also in Soho.

Ellemeno Tree says:

I wear different Hawaiian brands trucker hats in summer and beanies in winter. Love beanies the best!

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