Panama Hats… Quick Guide

Boxing up some Panama’s for the winter,thought I’d drop a bit of knowledge on ya.. kind of brief, but a few cool facts..
Thank you to everyone who visits the shop and supports my channel, I’m happy so many of you are so kind and generous,really cool when u visit the shop,telling me how u watch my vids,and all the nice stuff u write in the comments section. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for all the nice people I’ve met through the Hat world, it’s taken me to great places..thanks to everyone for watching me,and for your support. It’s appreciated every step of the way.


A J MacDonald Jr says:

I need to get one of those for next summer.

allahu snackbar says:

i bought a very nice looking straw hat at a farm store once, and had it only a week until i was on a tractor and a tree limb knocked it off and it went under the brush hog and chopped it up . I was thinking of buying a stetson Bryce Palm Leaf Straw Wide Brim Gus Hat

Glenn S says:

It should be noted that a Cuenca is more breathable because of the lower quality weave. The Montecristi that I have is woven so tightly that it doesn’t really allow for much airflow, so it goes better as a dress hat than something you want to wear out in the hot sun. Also, the Montecristi will never be true “white” because they will not bleach them beyond the natural “bleaching” process done with a smoker. They would consider it a waste because bleaching makes the straw brittle and they simply won’t do that to a Montecristi hat. I tried. Lol I got told no way. I even had to request stiffener on the brim because even that, they considered lowering the quality of it. But they did it, and they did pick out the clearest and lightest straw they had, so it’s pretty close to white! Sorry for rambling. A true Panama is one of my favorite hats. Mine is a Fino Fino Montecristi Havana and I absolutely love it!

David & Cherene Immel says:

Awesome video love those high end Panama’s. I enjoy seeing the behind the scenes so to speak of ths store. Thanks Kevin

Joe Mauro says:

Kevin, very informative. Thanks for the skinny on Panama’s!

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