How to Get The Right Hat for Your Face Shape & Body Type – Fedora, Panama Hats, & Felt Hats For Men

Here’s to looking elegant in hats!

The Fedora Hat Guide –
Homburg Hat –
Panama Hat Guide –
Flat Cap & Newspaper Boy Hat Style Guide –

1.Wool Challis Pocket Square in Navy with Blue Polka Dots –
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3. Fort Belvedere Knit Ties –

For a larger gentleman:
If you, for example, wear a little one, it makes you look even bigger. If you have a small hat like this one with a not so wide crown and a very short brim, it makes the person look automatically bigger; so that’s something you should always avoid. On the other hand, a larger hat makes everything more proportional, more suitable, and the wearer doesn’t look oversized. The same is true for the hat band, ideally, you go with something quite wide that has a very low contrast to the hat, ideally in the same color. If you’re a bigger gentleman and you want to snap your brim down, that’s okay but rather than having just a slight snap, try to snip it all the way down and get a really deep snap, that way it suits your silhouette more. The brim should be rather wide, at least two and a half inches which are about six and a quarter centimeters. Fedoras are a great hat for larger men and so are Homburg hats with a certain size.

Short, slim, or the modest man:
If you’re shorter, you’ll always benefit from wearing a hat because it elongates your body and makes you look taller. Rather than having a rather wide crown, it pays to have it pinched to a point because it just flatters your short silhouette more. Also, rather than going with a tone in tone hat band, it pays to switch it up for something that’s contrasting.

Tall and thin men:
Ideally, you don’t want to accentuate your height even more which means don’t go for a high crown. Instead, go for medium to low crowns.

Facial Features:
Big Nose: Rather than having it curled up, you definitely want to snap it down. Rather than going for a very pointy pinch, go for something that’s a little wider. Slim brims that are snapped up or just slightly snapped down are your enemy because they will just accentuate the size of your nose.

Receding chin: Definitely make sure to avoid a big hat and a full crown because that will just highlight your receding chin, likewise, don’t snap your hat too much because it’s not an advantageous look for you.

Chiseled features: you want a hat with a slight pinch on the crown that is not too small and you want a nice deep snap. It’s definitely best to not tilt your hat but keep it straight so everything looks more proportional. In order not to highlight your chiseled features, I urge you to stay away from a very tall crown or a very slim brim.

Round faces:
If you’re a man with a round face, avoid getting hats that are too small. You don’t want something that has a really pointy crown, and you also don’t want to have a very slim brim that is not snapped down all the way; just makes you look goofy and disproportionately large.

Protruding ears: it’s very important that you have a wider brim that is snapped down and not snapped up. The brim is important because it doesn’t highlight the size of your ears or the shape, but it rather helps to cover them up. Opt for a wider crown that is not too pointy, although a little point is alright. Also, go with a wide hatband that’s ideally somewhat contrasting because of your ears, it really pays to not just snap down the hat in the front but also in the back. If you have protruding ears, you definitely want to avoid small hats with shorter brims and anything that is pointed up.
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Juanito Macho Protegido says:

I always go with a wool durango style cowboy hat, black, grey or brown!

Rob Green says:

As the saying goes “A hat’s not a hat till it’s tilted”! A straight hat just looks wrong!

Chris Yuki says:

A video showing how to fit hats would be nice. How to measure your head. How far above your ear it should be. How to tell if it’s too loose or too tight.

Ethan Brackett says:

But what about flat caps like an ivy or a duckbill on a short, large man with a beard and stash.

. O.E. says:

Hey! What about the Fez?

Jonathan Olsson says:

I love this channel, thanks for all the tips and keep up the good work!

william vammen says:

Am I the only one who noticed the subtle ‘Modest Man’ plug at 2:20?
“Shorter, thinner, or modest man…”

PusdienlaikaŠovs says:


Bilbo Baggins says:


Jim D says:

Great information in a wonderful presentation.  Thank you for sharing.

Matt Patton says:

If you’re going to not snap the brim, you need to be sure that you don’t have an oval brim.

Steve Lee says:

Any advice on pocket watches and chains?

John the Voice says:

Could please talk about the different types of suit jackets?

Thomas Brennan says:

Wearing Homburgs and fedoras in 2018 will certainly make you look unique, perhaps eccentric, with the obvious risk of looking silly. If I wore a Homburg to the office, I would not hear the end of it. If you want to maintain a serious professional appearance, I would skip the hat.

Jack Illest says:

2:58 where I can get Brad Pitt hat?

zoukatron says:

On another note, going into a hatters and trying on a hat is also very important because the shape of your head may not match the shape of the inside of the crown. This is frequently an issue for people with long, oval heads (like me) – it requires stretching the crown of a hat lengthways to get it to fit right. This does not affect hats with snap brims too badly (if one side is snapped up and one down) but it does have significant effects on hats with stiffer brims like homburgs and cowboy hats, causing the front and back of the brim to go down and the sides to go up and in so doing altering the overall width of the hat as seen from the front or side (this actually suits me quite well as I have a relatively narrow face). So, as always, try it on.

Christiaan Overgaard says:

The wide hat band just looks odd. Does not flatter any look.

Louis Miller says:

Thanks for making such an effort on the video! No offense, but you are like a child playing dress up. The hat color needs to match the color of the suit. Every hat you modeled was a different color from your suit. Hats are an affectation. Selling menswear, you try to stand out. When you work in an office, you want the opposite, to blend in. In order for your hat to be taken seriously, you have to get past it being perceived as a part of a Halloween costume. Maybe, the hats could match the color of the overcoat, instead. Maybe, a darker color of hat like black with a grey suit would be okay, but a brown hat throws everything off with a somber color suit. The only reasons I’m so critical of such small details is how much money the whole outfit costs and the fact you are wearing the hats with formal wear. If you are just running errands around town, playing Golf, visiting friends, then spend a ton of money and it’s all good.

MG says:


Averille Vea says:

What about bowler hats?

Roberto Bañuelos Gómez says:

Great video!

Gerry Gallagher says:

Great bit of info thanks, just need the confidence now..

Matt Patton says:

And sadly, the only hat company that is making commonly available fedoras that are worth a darn is Stetson. They’re great hats, but it would be nice to have options. This is at least the case in Texas, maybe they have more options up north.

JUN STAR says:

You look really great in that brown fedora hat. I want to have one like that.

TrojanMars1 says:

One of your best videos yet! Thanks and Happy New Year!

Emdee 001 says:

Good, informative video guide. Any advise for wear a derby hat?

Ilija Kirilenko says:

What is your opinion on Boater Hats?

Jesse Lewis says:

Thank you, i’m off to Lock and Co Hatters next week i’m in the short and wide category, that me not the hat

Ricochet says:


zoukatron says:

Great video to put up. Matching hat shapes to face and body shapes is a fairly arcane art – a lot of interacting and conflicting variables – the short answer is, put it on, look in a mirror. In my personal opinion, I think the overall style and formality of an outfit affect some of these choices as well: for example, having the front of the brim snapped up always seems to look more casual, snapping the back down always looks more “country” (for want of a better word), and having a contrasting hatband always looks more casual as well (especially on a darker hat).

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