ETHEREUM Cryptocurrency Review

In this video, I’ll be providing a cryptocurrency review of the smart contracts platform Ethereum.


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Fish Kungfu says:

I like the idea of having a weekly review. It’s good to have someone talk us down off the ledge. 🙂

fattypanda1 says:

please do a review on AntShares or NEO

i hold mostly ETH and believe in the potential

Thanks Louis

Richard Fishel says:

Thanks for the good analysis and I agree with you. Would like for you to look at Veritaseum (VERI) the Reggie Middleton brain child – seems to be a world changer in peer to peer contracts and is patented already. I do own it but would like to hear your view and analysis. Thanks

Christopher McDermott says:

Hey Louis what do make of the Tezos ICO fundraiser ? Seems to have been well backed so far. Also I agree with you and think the market will correct soon – what is your opinion of how low bitcoin and Ethereum might go ? And what price would you jump back in ?

Spanky711891 says:

Excellent format, keep ’em coming Louis! I’d prefer some lesser known coins to be honest. The one’s you think have the most potential aside from ETH and BTC.

14lou says:

It’s important to understand how bitcoin’s unique value proposition is derived before you can appreciate differences with ethereum. What maybe seen a positive in having a leader in Vitalik is, in fact, a negative when viewed from this perspective. That bitcoin cannot be changed without a wide-ranging consensus is a strength, not a weakness. Since leadership is not centralised, there is no one for the authorities to target and no single point possible failure, should a leader leave the project bored or arrested.
I recognised the mounting risk in ETH and sold out completely very near the top. I usually retain a portion of coins in case there is more upside, but not in this case. Reasons to be concerned:
– Selling pressure, ICOs will be cashing in the invested ETH to finance their project, could cause a chain reaction if a value drop scares other ICOs who need to pay for their overheads with ETH.
– A “DAO” type attack is inevitable amongst the ICOs at some point due to bugs and hacks (with all the associated bad publicity)
– ETH is wrongly viewed as a currency by many (it’s not), immutable (it’s not), limited circulation (it’s not).
– ETH’s blockchain will bloat out of control and it has its own scaling issues
– Another contentious hard fork is a distinct possibility with the planned move to PoS.
– It is not sufficiently decentralised leaving it vulnerable to attack from SEC when the authorities inevitably step in “to protect the investor” as in defining an ICO as security instrument
– Members of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance have an interest in AN ethereum, not necessarily THE Ethereum public blockchain.
None of this means you can’t have a lot of fun and make some money as I did, but don’t mistake that for the value bitcoin represents in the long-term.

Christopher McDermott says:

Hi which desktop wallet is best to store Ethereum, Stratis, LIBRY securely all in one wallet ? Thanks nice videos !

Odd Eirik Hardem says:

Great videos 🙂
I have invensted some in Golem and Siacoin. Have you had a look at those?

Investing With Nothing says:

With the recent uproar against Coinbase/GDAX, Can you cover de-centralized exchanges?

Plex ASM says:

You described Ethereum as a decentralized platform that executes smart contracts. Ethereum is not decentralized.

Matthew says:

Great idea and review Louis. A Monero review would be great too please!

Łukasz Budzicz says:

etherum just suffered a terribe crash. not a good timing with your review debut

theyhchuan says:

Hi Louis. Any indication when is Metropolis arriving?

And, EEA announcement too.

All the best. Keep holding strong!

TopDeckWreck says:

Good review… but I feel like at least mentioning EOS was necessary.

MineAllDayAllNight says:

Look into Decred, it’ll go places. The lead dev has a podcast on YouTube too called The Decred Assembly, that’d be a great resource to learn.

simon lindsey says:

Big new ICO, Starts ……Send min 1 ether to


Get on it x

thekhan says:

Louis, those big name companies in EEA, they are not developing on Ethereum actually. Microsoft mentioned several times that solutions that will come out of their collaboration in EEA will be forks of Ethereum… Now that you know this, how it affects on your valuation and perspectives of Ether?

1greenMitsi says:

Eth will have scalability problems soon ( already crashed last week), its un-capped and its centralized…want a decentralized turing complete eth with the fundamentals of bitcoin? The original Ethereum chain is ur coin; ethclassic has great upside and still follows the maxim CODE IS LAW…with Ethereum you get Vitalik is law hahaha

it takes Bitcoin so long to implement something like segwit is proof that nobody owns it (with its detriments)

Jenifer Shelton says:

I love the idea of more reviews, especially on the top 10-20 coins. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with all of us!

rory harrison says:

what do you think about IOTA

Yves Nicollier says:

good job, thank you. one thing would be great, specially with long videos: to have a list that shows the topics you are talking about and then also time stamp the video. have a great day

tinglestingles says:

Bought DASH & LTE as this video dropped – saw a BIG SALE sign!

Oliver L says:

Good review, thanks. I would be interested to hear your opinion on Maidsafe.

Adam Kallin says:

90% in Etherium? You think it’s good to put your eggs in one basket like that?

Plex ASM says:

The only reason people buy Ethereum is to speculate into ICO’s. Your analysis is so intellectually dishonest it’s making my head hurt

Colm Nolan says:

Can you do a video on where to get started with freelancing? Or your thoughts on this

sumitri deva says:

The Jesus Complex! Invest in him! I thought what we wanted was decentralization not another icon to worship. On another note, I love when you said you put your money where your mouth is. Yes, you got a new set of pearly whites! Keep posting. 🙂

Dry Dessert says:

Cool. Always say that you express your personal views and anyone who wants to make an investment should do their own research and must take full responsibility for any loss. I think this might be important to be legally safe.

karma police says:

will eth mining die off? this difficulty ia crazy

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