9 Classic Hat Style For Men – Why Wear Mens Hats – How To Buy Men’s Headwear

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SkullEliminationz k says:

I loooovveee trilbies

random says:

that was a Trilby

Gary Irving says:

I wear a fedora in fall winter spring and Panama in Summer. It really does keep you comfortable and since I’m whiter skinned..the sun off my face.

pappymcmcmc says:

Went to check out Makin’s hats in NYC today and they’re permanently closed:(

Jordon Harvey says:

Just received my Australian slouch akubra.

venepally bharghava says:

hey antonio if u don’t mind u look like a drug dealer in that hat

Rick Rairdon says:

Hats are back so trash the baseball caps.

SonnyChenova says:

you look like a jazz musician.:)

xCCflierx says:

What color hat do i wear? with what colors?

MugzDeZombie says:

Satya Twena’s hats are beautiful crafted but they are in the thousand dollar range.

LT Ando says:

where’s the flat cap man??

Annel Alvarez says:

that is a fedora and it looks good on you

mrthaipottery says:

I like FODORA style… thank you , good video

Owldude000 says:

Top hats are amazing

Isaiah Fields says:

bro u talk way too much

Bob Higgleberg says:

try a larger brimmed fedora

vietrounder says:

Boardwalk Empire brought me here

qlovox says:

i rock the fedora, chinchilla felt, cost 210$ but totally worth it

Bear Hall says:

can you put a link to the company in New York? that’s a cool thing

u2fcc1 says:

Your hat is a Stetson Royal. It is the right size. The brim in front is supposed to be sloped down a bit with your finger and thumb shape it down in front. It makes the hat a lot better looking.

Evandro Souza says:

RMRS > alpha m

juan pablo baquero rojas says:


Gusher Felter says:

That hat suits you. It is cool, you like a man with style, class, highest rank!! I am considering wearing one, but since I am wearing spectacles I am considering which one will suit me

staalforsfh says:

Very – very – few people can pull off wearing a hat. The line between looking like a popstar and looking like a neckbeard is razor thin. I would almost advice against it.

kswanson1ification says:

boater hat and a trilby hat i have and i love them

DALE thebelldiver says:

You look like a good fella. Forgetaboutit.

1964TP says:

Any comments on color?   Do you get a different hat color to match your suits?  Or do they match the leather?    Does grey fedora match: Black, blue, grey?

Green Moose Lodge says:

what about vests?????????

Mr. Hyde says:

its too small for you, it needs to touch your ears

Daniel says:

That looks like a Homburg syled Fedora and you look silly in it. You had might as well don a Fez.

Robert Wilson says:


Fred C Dobbs says:

The last person I saw wearing a hat like that was yelling, “Block your face, block your face!”, just before punching Ralph Kramden in the stomach.

Philo Bailey says:

I like the fedora. And the Panama.

J Art says:

It’s a fedora with a snapbrim (stingy brim)

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