ROYAL MALEWANE, South Africa’s most luxurious safari lodge: review & impressions

Read my review of Royal Malewane here:

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pim1234 says:

Are you traveling on your own ?

Michael Little says:

I have to say that your productions are so, so professional – a treat to watch.

tc88888888 says:

This is by far the most amazing place you’ve shown. Its on my list!!

ImproveYourTomorrows says:

Another divine video, thank you so much for sharing your travels with us. Your channel is very quickly becoming my favourite on YouTube :o)

JASPER Saenz says:

pour animals and native people I don’t like tis video

BCP '10 says:

Could somebody please explain to me how an open vehicle safari is safe? A lion could swipe your ass out the vehicle with NO problem! These lions take down 3000 pound buffalo!

Imagine It says:

Stunning you really do find the best places thank you

sorsara78 says:


Sarcastic Cynical says:

no thanks … i’d prefer something a bit more enclosed and safer.

De Nederlander says:

Iv’e been to some sort of lodge to, but it was not this luxurious

Leo Tallè says:

great video man ! so inspiring ! I very look forward for your south african’s train trip one ! when the issue ???

Lee Claxton says:

I don’t really like safari properties – what would happen if you were chilling in the lobby or the pool and a leopard attacked you? Who would save you?

Savvy Issha says:

I love how you recorded . Easy on the eyes.. It’s like a movie.. I love the video.

Bugsy Smith says:

Amazing place really enjoy your videos. Thanks mate.

Kimmy Queen says:

Amazing! Thanks

Tamara Walls says:

Beautiful…god bless

Brett Gardner says:

Awesome video. May I inquire about the music?

* Sanboi * says:

You clearly havent seen the private ones

Mohammed Ihtesham Ahmed says:


6falconsue says:

The little red suitcase never had it so good! Finally remembered to sign in and sub you, even though I’ve been watching your wonderful videos for months now. You’re the best–so generous of you to share your travels with us. One of these days I will go to Africa.

Francis Bagbey says:

Are those “wild” animals drugged? Not sure I’d want to risk being in one of those open vehicles and a rogue lion decides to have an early breakfast of white guest meat! I’d end up enjoying those creatures from the deck of the lodge.

Semsem Eini says:

Isn’t it dangerous to sit in a car outside with no protection? I would be petrified.

Grace Serena Christie says:

Elegant. I have not seen quiet African Elegant in a long time. The Spa, long pool area is nice. Love animals….but not in an open jeep. No I am a cat and dog person. But three seconds to be cat food is scary. Love your videos. I don’t have to wonder where to go for great vacations now. Thanks

ryan moeller says:

2:59. She’s keeping an eye on you!! Haha. Keep up the great work!! Love your videos!

noeljdf says:

is this better than Hamilton’s tented camp?

ferw swer says:

thank youuu wonderfull video. i checked price, 3000 usd/night wow

Phillip.59 says:

I love your choice in music, where do you find it (e.g) what do you search?

KiwiboiNZ says:

The Rhino had blood, was he shot or self inflicted?

Rexton says:

What do you do for a living to be spending on all of this XD

Marchy says:

another simply amazing video (: well done again

Yoda Layheehoo says:

Great music. However, I’m bothered that such palatial extravagance is built in the animals natural habitat. Catering to the rich at the expense of South Africa’s indigenous species seems quite inexcusable for the sake of a safari.

GodAtum says:

is it safe there? I know africa has a lot of trouble from terrorists/rebels/etc atm?

Mr.Tanny K says:

Doesn’t look like a place for a vegetarian .

Mike Anderson 2002 says:


Richard Davis says:

So enjoying your African adventure, thank you so much for showing us the wonders of our world

TheEnricoAbelShow says:

This might seem like a silly question but if there are no fences around the resort, who’s to say that an animal won’t sneak up behind you while you’re sipping coffee on the patio? I think I’d be a bit paranoid 🙂

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