My Ralph Lauren Collection !!!

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James Crunden says:

I hate this guy !!! He gets views of his sisters lambo and how do they have one what’s there actual job ? Eh I can’t stand him show off man

bung holeo says:

Why is that girl washing a clean car

Anam Khalid says:

Actually you are hot Lana rose

Isaiah Bell says:

this is nothing

zoeken dcuo says:

I’m Gucci … YOU POLO

EndGearTV says:

Brand fad.

IM GAY wait you're what? says:

He starts talking about the collection at 4:55

Mariella Isteifan says:

6.36 fake

Wee-Yum Stuart says:

NWOT Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Black Large Custom-Fit Big Pony Shirt

James Adcock says:

in front of his mum he jokes about tea bagging


Hi check out our ebay store for great deals on 100% AUTHENTIC Ralph Lauren

mill101 says:

RL dress shirts are v fine.

Eric Negron says:

after seeing the cars i thought youd actually have some pieces. i was wrong.

FavJam says:

i’ve never received a gift in my life.
and it’s not like my family and and friends are poor or anything.

carlos c says:

I wanna eat eat those pancakes

Wavybullets says:

How do you wash your ralph lauren clothes. Specifically that one blue hoodie you showed towards the start of the showcase thing. Because i never want to put it in the dryer because it will shrink and stuff

Sam Geurdi says:

It’s true you can’t buy yourself a style no matter how rich you are haha

Rash Mohd says:

What yo yo ??

WMRomania says:

9:59 I thought he farted

patrick arroyos says:

Nigga shut your dubi ass up

Mark Mcgimpsey says:

sort your fucking brows out

Mel Onn says:

You are an ugly person, i am also rich, but what you are doing is shit

Astun Forde says:

Your sister have a fat ass

James Adcock says:

They are called walnuts do u and your sister know anything

bung holeo says:

The big logo make it look childish

Dr. Arpit Bavaskar says:

Nowadays You’re wearing hackett!

Brown Pride says:

polo is so dated

Abhishek Thapa says:

some of the shirts are fake…

Wuzz10 says:

Shit, my burberry collection is bigger than your small ass ralph lauren collection

Harris Cordin says:

typical rich kid

Westerix says:

The big logo shirts are ugly

Geth777 says:

“this one was a gift…. from me to myself”

World News says:

surprised u don’t have the Dubai big pony polo

smell my finger says:

she gonna keep up or catch up to u a by the way blessed me whit1 a couple of polo shirt fam youre sis is find wuz up cuñado



Elizabeth Sharma says:

those nuts your mother and grandma were cracking are called walnuts

Preston Ellis says:

wtf do you wash cars with just water? It’ll be all streaky and shit…

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