Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Wool Scarf and Hat

Louis Vuitton
Damier Graphite Wool Scarf and Hat


GoFastJames says:

I got them from one of the LV shops. I don’t recall witch one but I have shopped at all most all in MD DC VA. and some on the west cost when im out there.
idk if you seen the invoice/receipt on my phone in the video shows it was purchased at a LV store.
Thanks for watching and for the comment.

Klaas brugs says:

nice hunlot 😉 you sure dont have fake lv

GoFastJames says:

Look at the comments blow I tell where I got it. And in the video it shows what I payed for it. Thanks for watching.

Iffy Marshall says:

@marvin.b you sound stupid

GoFastJames says:

Yes thats one of them. I do have few videos posted of this one.
This one is hublot F1 king power

Dustin Jay says:

I went to the LV store to buy and scarf like this one and walked out with the plainest one cause I wasn’t interested in any of the other ones and it still cost me 400$ still haven’t wore it yet.

Stacie S says:

Oh dang. U fancy. I love love the lv denim shawl. But it’s too expensive for me

GoFastJames says:

No tarnish on mine. but the black comes off and canvis is cracking as well as torn.
they are good at taken things back if its in a short time from when you got it.

GoFastJames says:

I show and tell the price in the video.
Shortly I will be posting new hat and scarf so keep and eye out.

mrchow489 says:

Thanks man, I wanna ask u if u have rust or tarnish on your damier graphite belt buckle???? My brand new less than two weeks old, which the SA got out of the back storage room, has brown tarnish on the inside of the LV. I’m gonna try to exchange it, very acceptable for Lv standards

GoFastJames says:

Check out the hubolt videos I have.
Thanks for the comment and for watching.

Fog Hockey says:

I will buy this from you for around 280-300

GoFastJames says:

The F1 is 20k or more depending.
Thanks for watching and for the comments.

GoFastJames says:

Yes they are warm… Not as warm as the new cashmere LV hat & scarf I got.
Im not much on using the scarf tho.
Post a video of yours and let me know the link
Thanks for watching & commenting.

GoFastJames says:

Y not compare silk to silk not wool to silk?
Thanks for the comment and for watching.

GoFastJames says:

I take it the receipt that the Louis Vuitton boutique sent me by email was fake as well?
Thanks for watching and for the comment.

Daniel Noir says:

Very nice LV collection! thanks for sharing.

GoFastJames says:

Watch the video and you will see how much.

asap rocky says:

How much was the wool scarf? nice collection btw

146montblanc146 says:

Great review. I love the graphite collection. Your comment about the knockoffs saying cashmere isn’t necessary true. Ive seen fakes that say WOOL on the back and the label looks identical. Only difference is the label is stitched onto the scarf, whereas on the original the label is only partial stitched on.

GoFastJames says:

Thanks for watching. Not for sale thanks tho.

146montblanc146 says:

Beautiful scarf and hat! Do you have the model number for both the scarf and hat? Im after the exact same set 🙂

Kareem Matariyeh says:

I SELL AUTHENTIC DESIGNER BELTS, HATS AND SCARVES +MORE  Call us 708-691-2426 or just us out on instagram @designer.connect

GoFastJames says:

Thanks for watching and for the comment.
Its long and thin. And is def only for going out dressing nice. Not for every day in less you want it not last long but then they will replace it depending on the problem.
I seem to had more problems with sunglasses, wallets and belts.

GoFastJames says:

With knockoffs when they find out they try to make them better.
Thanks for the comment and for watching.

Acim Hazlewood says:

How much did you pay?


Like the scarf!

Marvin. B says:

You are a liar how low can you be! OMG this is so fake you have the replica of the LV (Louis Vuitton) without fucking serial numbers on it and with a fake screenshot and a fake LV box. I’ve got the original one btw and i spend $700 in Europe LOL

GoFastJames says:

NP thanks for watching.

grand imam mostafa says:


missan2net says:

Dangit, these went up in price! Online they’re $410 now. 🙁 Hope they’re cheaper in-store.

GoFastJames says:

Thanks… Its entertaining to see most of the comments.
I dont under stand the comments that ask a question that is answered in the video and or in the description.

Vince Marks says:


Designer clothing says:

Check me out for aaa gucci hat and scarf and lv

oakparknorte says:

Louis vuitton way better then gucci

mrchow489 says:

Very nice, got the hat,and gonna get the scarf soon. Is it very warm?

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