Is Donald Trump’s Hat as Hot as He Thinks?

Sep 14 — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says his “Make America Great Again” hat is becoming a hot fashion item. Bloomberg Politics’ Alexander Trowbridge hit New York’s fashion Week to see what the fashionistas think about the “The Donald’s” cap.


Melvin Espinal says:

I like fashion and trump. they’re not mutually exclusive.

Lorraine Curry says:

I would buy it !

Dan Harris says:

Trump is a sociopath….and completely insane. Watch and see…..

PhatPat55 says:


Jonathan Mendez says:

Is this a video about sheep?

Jonathan Bell says:

pathetic propaganda

gumbo says:

Just bought my Trump hat!

The Absolute Madman says:

Trump will sell more of these hats than these bitches will sell of anything in their lives. These chicks look skanky as fuk and they act cunty as hell.

Englewood Frank21 says:

Black hat is sharp looking

Sarah C says:

“Trump is racist, Not all Mexicans are drug dealers” Bitch the guy was talking about illegals. What is wrong with people?? Can you not differentiate between illegals and legal?? Mexico has a problem, does that make them bad?? I am Arab and us Arabs have a problem, like Trump and others say we have to be careful to let the Syrian refugees in the U.S because some might be terrorist, well that’s true, it’s not racist and I’m not offended. WTF is the issue? It’s reality deal with it.

Chachi Shapiro says:

I’m not a Trump supporter so much, but I will give credit where credit is due. He has opened the gate to topics that needed to be discussed and he did it with an iron fist. That’s a good thing. He’s brought up fair points that I think legitimate too. I do think he’s pretty damn progressive though, which I’m not a fan of.

I don’t think he’ll make it to the White House if he makes it past the primaries. Cruz, however, might, and I’d gladly vote for him.

Regarding the hat…something kind of 80’s punk about it. It makes me think back to Murphy’s Law and Jimmy Gestapo. I sort of dig that. I’d wear it.

John Giron says:

Trump is an ASS HAT!

petefaders says:

I see the press calling him racist is having an effect on the sheeple. Go to sleep, bahhhhh.

livedlivez says:

You can make a lot of friends by joining with Trump supporters and you too can make a lot of new friends by joining the KKK’s. Both of these groups only requirements are to be Hateful toward differences. Ask yourself, is this the new friends you really want to support ??
Trump want people to know USA is coming to a end and Doom is coming and he is the only one that can save you. He want to use fears, emotions and not reality to vote for him.

elevengiant says:

Does bloomberg need these views?

bohnstube says:

As transparent an attempt at a cheap-shot meaningless hit-piece “dressed up” to look like it’s the least bit thoughtful as has been seen in quite awhile.

infinite Potential says:

He means hot as in; you wear the hat and it attracts hypocritical liberals, who proclaim love and peace, but they immediately attack you verbally and physically and steal your signs. Even though they assaut you they excpect you not to do anything. Coclusion; liberals act like children.

hardeez1 says:

I want one. Trump 2016


I just got my hat yesterday

Brandon S says:

It’s not about what he thinks ignorant morons. It’s about what he says. It’s called marketing.

Chuchu Kill says:

the hat looks good on some of those people

WinchesterHacker666 says:

So Donald Trump Is Racist Because He Wants To Cut Spending, Reform Tax Code, Bring Back Jobs, And Getting Rid Of Obama’s Shit. The Way I See It Trump Is The Only One That Makes Sense, He Is The Only Candidate That Knows What He Is Doing. And Who Gives A Shit If His Father Gave Him A Small Loan Of One Million Dollars, Honestly A Million Is Not That Much.

Lorenzo G says:

I just got mine! There are new styles too! Get hats and more at: Long and strong for the Don! ******TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT 2016! ******

Kiwi273 says:

These coke sniffing anorexic models and the socialites don’t care about Middle America or the US. Ofcourse since every idiotic Celebrity attacks trump because of their Zombie like devotion to Obama and Hillary won’t think the hat is cool. The majority of the country doesn’t hang around catwalks. Go interview real America and I suspect you will see what Trump means. It clearly is selling fast hard to get your hands on. anyways Haters will hate…and curl up into a ball and cry on election night in the fetal position lOl

Emma M. says:


Biggie Smalls says:

LOL, all of the people in the video are dressed terribly

Wayne Adams says:

Put her on the border for a day. She can see just how much drug comes into the US

mrchato23 says:

talking about all hispanics and no not just illegals but also legals

allon33 says:

The guy at the end, that pose is America!

Bobby C says:

Trump for president. >liberals

kickinitoldschool03 says:


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