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So I got two CP Company Beanie hats in to do a Fake VS Real on them. The problem was I could not really tell too much difference between the one hat I purchased from eBay for £35 and the other hat I purcased from Flannels Online. I really couldn’t tell. I thought I would record my experience just the same. Enjoy.

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Wa1t0n232 TWITCH says:

Teesider are u

J_ pw says:

do all the cp company goggle beanies made in 2017 have the code 02MAC111A ?

vurt79b says:

Hi guys, I think that the legit one is made with merino wool while the ‘fake’ one found on ebay is made with cotton. totally different material as you can see

Tom says:

Think it’s legit, David James Kerr sells them also madd cheap in the sale

aiit das lit says:

chineze sizes?

Big Seb19 says:

Why don’t they do like stone island?

Marley Waite says:


I purchased one of these hats and i sent an email to cp and sent all the details of the hat to them and they confirmed that it is authentic

iJQSX i says:

the one for 35 is the old edition thats why

Jones Beatz says:

these guys are giving away a cp company hat https://www.facebook.com/ArtifactsApparel/

Anonymous Guy says:

big up to the fake makers they are getting better and better making clothing and giving a match with the actual manufacturer why spend shit loads on stuff that looks same with fakes that u can get for way cheaper

Oliver Lowe says:

they are both genuine i have a genuine one from harvey nichols and it has the same tags as the supposed fake

CarGo VromVromm says:

Any1 wants the one he got from eBay @ me I can get, with bag

Scary Terry bitch says:

What’s his ebay where he puts things up for sale ? I wanna take a butchers

majid says:

My brother actually bought a C.P Company beanie with orange lens for £37 and it is legit.

Hasan Ahmed says:

I have the link if anyone’s interested

D J says:

Have you tried taking the goggles out?

Adil Juma says:

the Replica

Lenny Summers says:

I got a cp hat

Hella Narsty says:

Do a review on a cp company goggle baseball hat which is from eBay that is real

Mahbub Alam says:

i never thought i’d live to see the time hoxton couldnt spot a fake ting

Trapstar Ace says:

Sum1 send a link for good fake cp hats on ebay

Hasan Ahmed says:

Also on the bag it says hahaemall so definetly fake

OME RTA says:

The instant clues for me would be the very faint printing on the ebay versions wash label and that bag it came in, defo fake I mean what’s that Joker print on it??

M0 H says:

Can u even look through them

Night Gorilla 719 says:

Obvs a fake look at the detail of the writing on the inside of the labels it was smudged

Ahmed Hussein says:

so it would be just better for me to buy it from sports direct my g

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