How To Rock A Cool Men’s Hat | Hat Wearing Advice and Tips

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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of and,
talks about the different types of men’s hats and how to wear them. Men’s hats are a cool way to add interest and dimension to an outfit.

Up until the late 1960s, men wore hats. Aaron Marino of alpha m. gives examples from TV (Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men) as well as celebrities. For the last 40 years, the predominate hat has been the baseball cap. Well, classic men’s hats are back in a big way. Men are paying attention to their entire outfit with the devil being in the details, and men are dressing with purpose.

Men can add depth and dimension to an outfit as well as elevate their style to the next level by trying new and different things like hats. Alpha is not a hat guy. He explains that he has ears to contend with. You will only know if you’re a hat guy if you try and experiment. Alpha displays how hats can take an outfit from ‘good to great’ after discussing how to style the following:

Types of Hats
Derby or bowler
Pork pie
Flat cap


Casual Chaos says:

Dude ur always so fun, love new tube.

Mr. Hyde says:

i have a top hat and a fedora and i wear them both all the time

Ernie Lederman says:

Not the late ’60s. Wearing hats stopped with President JFK’s appearing in public without them. From 1961 until 1965 or so, men stopped wearing them and hat manufacturers went under. I remember this because I was there.

Arturo Arreola says:

Your ears are not the problem. You need a smaller hat that rests on your head and doesn’t fall down to your ears.

calvin kim says:

anyone else agree he’s the cockiest douche ever

True Freedom is the Beauty of Life says:

this basically told me that I should wear a hat if it looks good on me

Craig Zolner says:

You are so right. I wore a Panama hat to my nephew’s baseball game and got no less than four compliments.

rasmus hanell says:

go to a hat maker . they will make the hat to fit you

Faizan Maqsood says:

Plz tell me? I have bike, I need bike cap?

The Jarl jBj says:

I wear my cowboy hat with a suit and cowboy boots and the strippers love it.

Art Gardner says:

Hats went when people started wearing damn tennis shoes everywhere.

Son Of Odin says:

1 your a beta 2 fedoras are for dudes who like dudes

Chris Galea says:

Try a flat cap !

Loremaster Yn'Taris says:

I personally have a brown wool wide-brimmed fedora (as in, the brim is a good 2.5 or 3 inches) that works with most outfits, but goes best with a darker khaki longcoat I picked up not too long ago. Puts some artificial bulk on me (which I need), and goes well with the long-haired look that I prefer. Still yet to find _the_ shirt to go with it, but it’s still a good look.

Zayd Gill says:

try a beanie

totallyfrozen says:

“For some reason”?
It’s history, dude, you can look it up. Hats fell out of favor in the 1960’s because JFK made public appearances without a hat. That’s when men stopped wearing them.

Rick Rairdon says:

Hats are back.

J Ru says:

Alpha, what the hell are you wearing?! what a gay hat alpha!!

Cristóbal E.W. says:

What about having long hair and wearing a hat?

Nikola Tesla says:

Are the straw hats in the Great Gasby panama hats?

Lughnerson says:

Hats also help hide a bit in a world where there are cameras everywhere. That’s why it’s good to have multiple styles of hats.

Gabe M says:

wait so now fedoras are in cuz i wore one and my friends made fun of me for it

Tom Krausz says:

A fedora is a meme. If you wear one, you are a meme. Congratulations.

Joe Newton says:

i think the hat should ride about an inch above your ears to look right, that one is way to annie hall.

BlueWaveDragon says:

the reason men stopped wearing hats was JFK didn’t wear them.

Clogged Cord says:

The reason men stopped wearing hats is because the president sets men’s fashion for the next few years, so when JFK was elected he didn’t wear a hat. No president has since

Moss Stevens says:

Saw Matt smith

Sckarekrow says:

Fuckin queers

Jeff Turnbow says:

alpha, go get a custom hat made specifically for your head. everyone can rock a hat if it’s the right one!

Arthur E. Michalak says:

He forgot the boater hat, worn typically with dark blazer, light shirt, light pants, and dress shoes.

Dolan Duck says:

i envy people that can rock baseball caps. My hair is too thick, I’m insecure of my ears and my overall head shape wasn’t made for hats. Sigh

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