Get A Free Driven Hat!

It’s stylish, it’s exclusive and it could be yours! The Driven Car Reviews hat is very rare and the only way you can get one is to be a fan. All you have to do is post at the website and you’ll be eligible to be selected for the limited edition cap. We’re giving away one a week, so post early and post often! Easy instruction are at the website-


C-Wow says:

@DriveCarReviews well cool…for Hyundai….not for the non-organic cotton OH NO!! haha ( oh sarcasm) but i LOVE Hyundai’s and every view, even a glimpse, is awesome

khunopie says:

where’s my hat?

JoeBird76 says:


Protector of the Republic says:

@DrivenCarReviews Okay thanks for letting me know. Thank God for your answer because I didn’t see the description.Now i have some catching up to do about the reviews.:)

C-Wow says:


Driven Car Reviews says:

@weedmastersr I’ve sent out notices and posted on the description here that I am no longer posting videos to this channel. I only post them to the YouTube Driven Car Reviews channel now. Doing two version was a pain in the neck. Of course you can always watch them at the website too. Sorry for the inconvenience.

OneOfOne says:

I want a hat. not posting though even though I am registered. just give us the darn hats dude. some of us have been watching your vids for a while. via rss. you know how hard that is? give me a hat@!

Protector of the Republic says:

Hey is DriveCarReviews over or what ?! Its been two months and you didn’t upload anything?what’s going on ?

afghanakk says:

hat ..hahahha american people are so poor to register and comment on a website cause may be win a stupid hat with a company logo on it … nooooooooo normal they give those hats free on supermarkets .. by the way how much that hat cost 2 dollar ?? find some better way to get people in your website .. by giving better car reviews

khunopie says:

Will it give me hat head?

Mr. Hand says:

Free hat! Free hat! I thought of South Park when I saw this.

Lindsay Graham says:

Nice, I will go there now to post and see if I can win my hat!

Driven Car Reviews says:

@joshcs1 My God! Seems like everyone has seen that but me. It was a taping in April and I took my daughter cause I thought she’d have fun. Turned out to be the most embarrassing day of my life. Before the show, a comedian picked a few audience members to dance. Words can’t describe how bad I was (I’ll blame it being wickedly sore from running a marathon two days before…)

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