Free CAPture hat review

Free CAPture hat is a hat you can mount a gopro on the bill of the hat for a hands free recording. I have used it for a week now and love it.
link for hat
link for map



Watched you do some great work on Nomadic’s rig, you did a fine job helping him out, koodo’s to you! I have subscribed to your channel and look forward to seeing more about the hands free recording with the cam~hat, seems like a good idea, but it looks like you have to slowly move when recording with it to prevent motion blur. It would be kool to be able to film with a phone camera, but mounting it would be more difficult to do….will be looking in to follow you~ Craig

One Year Out Productions says:

love the hat! great idea, I am gonna post my home made version of that on you FB page…it’s my “helmet cam” LOL!

Tim Hardman says:

Good review of the hat Wayne and I am impressed with the work you did on Eric’s van…very professional and thorough…you obviously have skills.  I’ll be checking out the rest of your videos in chronological order.

Janice Cline says:

Great hat. Good luck

Jeff Obrien says:

are you drunk?

smoothoperator says:

sorry ,but the hat thing is just 2 jerky 4 the viewers good 4 the mechanic tho!

Boondocking Mainah's says:

greatings from the great frozen state of Maine Wayne ! Mr Nomadic Fanatic was telling us about you when he visited Maine in the fall ! we enjoy watching your videos man ! hows your recovery ! hope all is well ! give Erics fridge some hell and thanks for helping him ! MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM MAINE ! your in Panama city ? do you know dave baker ?

TrollThe Trolls says:

Hat is a nice option.

Del-Rio Drifter says:

Ha I am going to drill a hole in a cheap hat and use 3M body panel bonding epoxy and affix 2 washers, one on each side of the bill and use a 1/4 screw and nut to mount my AirPro camera. I have everything here now. I think turning yur head slower will reduce the quick jerking motion on videos and it will be perfect. Greeat idea even if you buy the hat you are showing.

rjr 4949 says:

What about a film crew….Actually, with the hat, you get the big check for being the on-air talent plus the smaller check for being the film crew—bonus!!!

M B says:

Good idea… Just practice smooth head turns…

Alex Tucker says:

Pretty cool camera hat.

leonearl1952 says:

Hi Wayne, The hat is a great idea but please practice a bit because you need to turn a bit more slowly from one scene to the next. Otherwise it is a great addition and safer for you and your camera.

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