Cassette Toilet Review – What Is it? How Do You Use it? Where Do You Dump It?

Learn about what a cassette toilet is, how we use it in our Class B camper van, why and what we think about it after a year.

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Cassette Toilet Review:

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dsonyay says:

If it’s just urine you’re dumping, I’d dump that anywhere

Eric Smith says:

The VHS toilet is more popular than the Betamax toilet.

Anne-Gigi Chan says:

Thank you for this very well-made video with clear explanations and suggestions! My husband and I just closed the deal on a Hymer Aktiv today and he knew how nervous I am about having to deal with black water, so he shared this with me a couple of nights ago. Can’t say I am looking forward to the chore, but you guys sure made it sound tolerable! Looking forward to watching your other videos and learn more about everything that comes with our new camper van!

oilhammer04 says:

You may not be concerned about someone stealing the cassette, because they *want* it, but someone may steal it because you need it.

Brian Coley says:

The great advantage of the cassette toilet, is that there are many more places available for you you to empty it, compared to a black tank. You can empty it in any public, or domestic toilet.

So as long as the RVing public don’t start leaving disgusting messes of public lavatories, and with the permission of the management of those locations, restaurants, hotels, fuel stations, bus and train station become viable places to hygienically empty your cassette.

As there are now many more places to empty your cassette, it doesn’t need to be as big as a black tank. Black tanks are the size they are specifically because of the distance between dump stations.

The only real down side to a cassette toilet is if you intend to boondock, then the lack of capacity will be it’s major drawback, and unless you carry spare cassettes, which I’ve never heard anyone do or advocate for, then the larger black tank, or a composting toilet, would be more suitable.

Chris Nowak says:

Expensive pee jug. Composting is the only logical way.

smr144 says:

You are sheating by not using it for #2…

Arvin Ash says:

It’s understandable why the Russos don’t go #2 on this thing. I’ve heard the smell is worse than eternal torture in hell! But what’s the use of having a toilet if you can’t go #2 in it?

vasonar says:

Thanks for the real world tips. Ya’ll are great!

C & B says:

Where do you go #2? I would like something for my van that I can do both #1&#2.

light bearer says:

please no live demonstrations

Rexler Brath says:

Thank you for sharing. In New Zealand, we call ‘boondocking’ == Freedom Camping. Doesn’t freedom camping sound so much better?

John Thorpe says:

We use a black tank for #1 only 90 percent of the time. Mainly to keep any smell down. But I also do not see the big deal of dumping a black tank. It does not come close to the pit toilets the state parks and some camp grounds use to have. Now that was a stink hole.

Dwight Turner says:

Okay, I can do a number 1 outdoors. I can use the cassette toilet for number 2. But how about a number 3?

Frankly Terrence says:

Cute couple!

Dan Kirchner says:

I’m going to wait until the cd toilet comes out

emall low says:

What if someone dumps a hard snake into the cassette?

john martin says:

i take my dumps in a walmart plastic bag, throw in trash.

JJTVism says:

Hi! I‘m from Germany and have the same cassette in my RV.
I do not use it only for urine. If outside temperatures are high, I have to dump it every second day. For In-the-middle-of-nowhere situations we have a second cassette for change. I use chemicals, therefore I only use dumping stations, which you find very often in most parts of Europe.
Thanks for your videos! Keep going and take care!

Mark Cobb says:

Nothing like a thumbs up after your first dump.

Steven Gwin says:

There’s so much common sense expressed here it boggles the mind.

Donald Smith says:

I almost forgot I removed my Grey Tank also, nothing but fresh water for my rig!!!

We're the Russos says:

Questions? Comments? Head over to

Rose Aysha says:

Wait… what?? Only for no. 1?? That’s a pretty expensive gizmo for Kait to use for no. 1. We all know Joe could make do with the empty Tide jug for that. Just saying.

Tony Roberts says:

its way better to shit in your hand and throw it out the window. It’s natural… monkeys do it.

Donald Smith says:

Personally, I think the “Cassette Toilet” is a better idea than hauling around a “Black 18 Gallon Poop
Tank” for two weeks, WOW HOW STANKY IS THAT??!!! Since the Obama Administration brought in
all of those Muslim Brotherhood of Radical Islam Killer Jihad Terrorist Illegal Aliens and “Sanctuary
Cities” have changed their city ordinances allowing Muslims to Poop where ever they desire, I
removed my black water tank and simply let it all go to the ground!!! It helps fill in the “Cracks and Potholes” on the highway!!!

Spurious Effect says:

Since you don’t use chemicals, and don’t put toilet paper in there, why couldn’t you just dig a hole and pour out the cassette in the hole? Isn’t that the same as going outside?

Rutger MacDonald says:

So where do you do #2?

M Edwards says:

People keep saying “no more dump stations!” But what about the gray water? Where is the gray water going? In the US dump stations are the only solution agreed upon by all parties involved. This has been a totally one sided conversation with only the dumper speaking. I haven’t heard the first hospitality rep or dumpster owner say ” I don’t mind”

Freedom Talk Media says:

Who does number 2 work for?

Stryker A. Wolfe says:

I dump frequently after I’ve had Taco Bell hehe

GottaWannaDance says:

Alot like living homeless. Pee in a cup. Put the lid on . Wait til dark to dump safely.

#2 in a walmart bag.
Can always find walmart bags and hardee’s cups blowing around.

If you’re in a town like Madison, just do your thing in the church courtyard

Kammfrank82 says:

That’s half the reason i got my campers, my own bed and to poop in my toilet, even campers i seen like 10-20% don’t poop in the toilet they go to the bath houses. some people i just don’t get.

rob farnsworth says:

Hmmm. This is a big issue for us non Rv`ers. I`m staying home!

movie box says:

Shit in a bucket!

Jeremy says:

I want to watch my gal friend shitting on cassette toilet in my luxury RV. Oh, I think my RV doesn’t support it.

The One Who Knocks. says:


NZ Salt Flats Racer says:

Good video, no shit!

John Kennedy says:

As usual very well done. I like your info “You have to stay on top of the toilet to keep it maintained.”

John Kennedy says:

I use my Clean waste to go toilet and a pop up Wolfwise shower/toilet tent. It’s good for me in my Prius. A little kitty liter after each “movement” and I’m good to go. Pee in a jug.

L Stokes says:

Btw, I just finished reading your book while on short vacation. Waiting for book two! Quite the change from then to now.

Linda Durst says:

What about a gray tank, do you have one and if so is that also a cassette? I know you say you use public showers but what about when out boondocking?

Florida Ranger says:

Thanks for the straight poop on this. I for one was straining to get answers. All joking aside, this was an informative video for me. I can definitely see the advantages in a cassette toilet. I would definitely think it would be easier to sanitize once the cassette is removed. Thanks for doing a video on a subject that gets often overlooked.

Jet says:

The worst video: clickbait. You guys should be ashamed. If you said that you only use it as a urinal, rather than a toilet, I would not have wasted any time on this video. The thing is as useful as a milk container.

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