Best And Worst Luxury Purchases | Tamara Kalinic

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1.Celine Trapeze Bag
2.Maison Michel Hat
3.Chanel Slingbacks
4.Self Portrait Dress
5.Balmain Blazer


1.Dior Lady Dior Bag
2.Maison Michel Red Hat
3.Saint Laurent Heels
4.Tom Ford Sunglasses
5.Balmain x HM blazer

1.Latest Q&A…
2.Morning routine…
3.TOP Shoes…
4.Top Bags…
5.Other Haul…
6.More Hauls…
7.And Another…


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NancyJ Boylan says:

you are the definition of first world problems…oh no i simply cant wear last season! you honestly need to get your head out of your ass

ryvr madduck says:

The hat is fantastic, but you shirt top doesn’t go with it. I know, I know you’re just showing the hat for the video.

Nathalie Gomez says:

Where is your top from?

Samsul Mallick says:

I ontore to mene

styleicon says:

Love the video… Drooling over that top u have on?? Where is it from ? Can u provide the link pleaseeeee

dianainthedesert says:

I love your top Tamara, where did you get it? 🙂

Cat Costello says:

You are so beautiful! And I’m in love with that top you are wearing does anyone know where it is from please? X

Fashion Confessions says:

Amazing video, I love both of your Balmain blazers but you are right, the classic one is better and you can wear it many times :* . I posted my first video so you can check it if you want I will be so happy :*

Karlie Shanelle says:

I love watching your videos you have such a beautiful personality that definitely shines in your videos!!

DarkRuins says:

Where is your accent from? Your channel says you’re from the UK, but that doesn’t sound like a UK accent. Are you Eastern European?

No Sacrifice® Bags says:

I love the color of your Celine bag! Gorgeous! I adore the dress also! Beautiful details!

thyong24 says:

You should adjust the glasses in the sunglasses shop. I bought my dior so real online and the same thing happened and I fixed it that way 🙂

Megan Shah says:

Why ur trying to have a British accent??? Thats really annoying

Neno Todorovski says:


Shoes and Cars says:

I want that Balmain classic blazer so so much <3 <3

JustForFun says:

Hello Tamara, I love the color of your hair so much and I’d like to have the same one. Is it colored ? I’d vey much apreciate an answer, please. Love your chanel and blog. It’s kind of addictive. Thank you and lots of thumbs up 🙂

gwen jones says:

Love that last jacket with the pearls… My dear I totally understand why you feel you can’t wear it repeatedly… Actually it’s so gorgeous and it shows you have great wisdom.. You can even wear it and walk confidently in it. Once its top class you must wear it no matter the season. Well you have awesome taste. Love everything

Lily Zhou says:

I love how you are so honest about items sent to you, most Youtubers would say great things about it weather they like it or not just so they would send them more items and other brands won’t be scared off by her and wander if she’ll be honest about their products as well. You should really stand in your position and be proud of it 🙂 love ya girl

Lori Bebic says:

Loved this video, I don’t know how I’ve missed to see it right away when you released it, but better late then never. Also I really appreciate how you’re one of those few ppl who are honest in their videos and just tell it like it is, and not pretend that some of the stuff you get or buy are excellent. Thank you for the honesty and I love you. :*

Lali Frank says:

what is your job? You must be rich

hiushear says:

Hey Tamara you know what now whererver your video is up I’m like I need to watch it now loll! love ya x

miya says:

completely disagree about investing in statement pieces. if you love something, you love wearing it a ton. you’ve got fantastic taste though.

Dora Bilić says:

Can you film a shoe collection

Cecilia Stella says:


irini kt says:

All quality sunglasses are metal and not plastic.. It’s not a matter of weight. You could easily take them to a store and have them loosened for you so they aren’t uncomfortable instead of leave them in a shelf to gather dust

Ivana Simic says:

Hey Tamara, I have a question. You mentioned the sizes of Self-portrait dresses are strange. Which size is yours? Do they come bigger or smaller? I wanted to buy it online but I am a little confused with the size charts on their web

DE says:

usually when u buy sunglasses, you can ask to adjust the glasses to fit on you,

Lozza P says:

+tamara Kalinic Hi Hun where is your top from – it’s absolutely gorgeous!! I would love to wear it for a event coming up

Ps I’m married to a Serb!! Hehe

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