ASMR hat collection whispering

Just wanted to do a video for all my asmr people and YouTube followers and I will be making more videos much love this is bladewhisperpro


Olivia McCandless says:

i just stumbled across your channel, and i’m hooked(:

Mavwhispers says:

Glad you’re back!

M says:

I don’t know if it’s the same with headphones on, but listening from my phone’s speakers, there is a noise that starts at 6:21 and is continuous throughout the rest of the video. A real shame because it kind of takes me out of “trance”. I’ll have to listen to it again with headphones on.

The Red Head says:

Those hats are fucking fresshhh

Zeep Xanflorp says:

You are amazing!!

Ale Castillo says:

I loveeeeeeeee ur vidssssss

LaughingisMyReligion X says:

Yayyyy your back! 😀

Ms Rain W. says:

very relaxing. I need more videos from you. lol

Kevin Colin says:

That second to last bluish hat is nice!! Like the detail.

OWS Crazy1 says:

6:25 what ever that was, it is Soooooo relaxing

Alex Vild says:

Dude you’re great. Keep it up

slxm shvdy says:

Your videos are awesome man

Overwhelmingly Handsome Jack says:

This dude is so great at ASMR videos he can get away with a vertical video.

Carter Miller says:

Cant stop watching this love it plz make more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

goodmorning sunshine says:

Wooooow this is so relaxing!!!! thank you!

OpaliteASMR says:


Promnesia Flow says:

What a great man you are sir, this is no disrespect to your race/color but I must say that I am quite upset about colored men screaming that white cops are racist. I am not a racist, nor do I think cops are either. Yes, I am sure there are some white cops out there that have abused black men but can we not say that black cops have not done the same to whites? But you sir are a walking example of a true man of color. Working multiple jobs and still taking time to make ASMR videos for your fans is just quite impressive!

Flustrate 1 says:

Wonder if he went “back to jail” lmao

BMarshTV says:

OMG my 2 favorite things! Hats and ASMR

Imur Neighbour says:


Katherine Granados says:

Ayyyeeeeee!!!! I’m from Miami as well!!!!

Ciara Lee says:

Do more roleplays❤️

River Lane says:

You’re the only YouTuber I get tingles from. I think it’s because you keep your videos “raw” and real, meanwhile majority of the other youtubers worry more about how the video appears and the camera quality.

Flustrate 1 says:

what about the miami heat (:

Shaye Kisitu aka Jannah225 says:

Yet another awesome vid from BladeWhisperPro. Thanx from Orlando.

Caucasianho 22 says:

Why is the dislike button even an option tho ?!

Alessandro Aprile says:


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