7 key items you NEED from Hermes all under $1,000| Beginners Guide

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Firstly, I want to apologize looking sweaty on camera! I just get so hot and I can’t use the A/C or the fan while filming because of the background noise they make. I hope you guys didn’t mind too much.

Anyways, I’m so proud to announce my new series I’m starting called “For Beginners Only”. Of course anyone can watch but I wanted to take a moment and talk to everyone whose looking to invest into their first luxury/designer items. I know it can be overwhelming and you have no idea where to start but don’t worry I got your back and I’m here to help.
I came up with the concept to include a bit of everyone just so the options are endless in what you could choose. All items mentioned in this series will be $1,000 and under. I’ll include items such as leather goods, jewelry, clothing and shoes. I hope you guys will really enjoy this series because I have a little something for everyone, no matter your budget or style.

In episode 1 I decided to start with my favorite design house: Hermes. I love the brand and everything that it stands for. I literally try to include a bit of vitamin c in my everyday lifestyle so I’ve invested quite a lot of time and money so I can be an expert.

Don’t worry; if you don’t love Hermes as much as I do I’ll be sure to do other brands so just stay tuned.

Are you looking to buy your first designer item? Here are some questions you’d need to ask yourself:
What’s your budget?
Would the item fit into your lifestyle?
What’s your personal style?
What brand do I want to invest in/speaks to me?

Once you’ve answered those questions it’ll be easier to help you guys out.

Items Mentioned:

Hermes 32mm Belt Kit Chaine d’Ancre/ H – https://goo.gl/ruScn1
Hermes Silk Twilly – https://goo.gl/oAy3aE
Hermes Silk Twill Pocket Square – https://goo.gl/nsUK56
Hermes Silk Bandana – https://goo.gl/qszq3g
Hermes Silk 36×36 Scarf – https://goo.gl/VVfX1T
Hermes Silk Tie Façonnée H – https://goo.gl/4JA2D2
Hermes Clic H Bracelet – https://goo.gl/RftUu1
Hermes Clic Clac H Bracelet – https://goo.gl/q1vbpb
Hermes Clic H Extra Large Bracelet – https://goo.gl/sqbtyY
Hermes Kelly Double Tour Bracelet – https://goo.gl/UVBVE4
Hermes Rivale Double Tour Bracelet – https://goo.gl/kR1QCU
Hermes Kelly Dog Tag – https://goo.gl/X8jVJh
Hermes Bastia – https://goo.gl/o2AjXv
Hermes Calvi – https://goo.gl/HXc8xX
Hermes Bazar Pouch – https://goo.gl/qQ7uGT
Hermes City 3CC – https://goo.gl/woZdPK
Hermes Tailor-Made nomad set Fragrance – https://goo.gl/gYgWdZ
Hermes Un Jardin en Méditerranée Fragrance – https://goo.gl/zRhNnK
Hermes Terre d’Hermès Fragrance – https://goo.gl/83jHoM
Hermes Sushi Plate – https://goo.gl/zDB9pn
Hermes Change Tray – https://goo.gl/zDB9pn
Hermes Mises et Relances – https://goo.gl/y35cwN
Hermes Grain d’H notepad – https://goo.gl/y1TtrV
Hermes Ulysse Agenda – https://goo.gl/W13E8H

Be sure to stay tuned to experience more of my vlogs as I take you on my stylist journeys.


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Note: Everything I show in this video has been paid for with my own money or gifted. None of the clothes or accessories are sponsored. I own all the rights to this video. All opinions are my own.

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Jane Fu says:

love this, it helped out a lot

MyEtina says:

Yes. I have the coin purse as well

Tyler Maxx says:

Love your videos!!

subash bist says:

dude i can afford luxury item because its expensive so how i will do dress that look cool and i look ugly still love to do fashion

Maxine F says:

I love the Clic H bracelets. Wish I could afford one.

Jude Skye says:

Your Hermes collection is ok.

Maria Harris says:

Very informative, thank you for sharing!

mizzmolly says:

Oh, damn! I clicked on your video at work and just remembered that as I was leaving the house, my chestnut/gold Clic-H bracelet slipped off my arm and onto the floor. I guess the cat will pick it up. (LOL)

Oliver Whittington says:

thank you. good video. helped me make my decision on my Hermes belt purchase.

Tamy Dixon-Rankin says:

New subscriber and love this video! Binge watched several this morning. How about Vuitton essentials for the next house?

AllyLvoe says:

would love to hear your thoughts on Louis Vuitton! Do you think its overrated/overpriced for the canvas bags?

Janelle Clayton says:

I have my eye on a Hermes 36″ x 36″ silk scarf for decorative purposes. What’s your opinion on the Space Shopping colorways? I’m loving the [gris/noir/orange] and the [bleu/vert/rouge] scarves.

Mackmizzle says:

Dope bro… check my channel out.

Ryon W says:

Great job! I think you look great. Keep doing U!!!?!

Rich Lux says:

love u

Penelope Emmanuel says:

The video is very informative. My question is, do you order them online or you go into the store. I prefer to buy in store. However, I don’t know if all the items you mentioned are available in the store. Thank you.

Aidan Williams says:


Stephanie May Teves says:

hi! if you buy the grain d’H, do you also get it wrapped in the oRANGE box? thanks

meicui99 lim says:

thank you so much for sharing . the more i watch, the more i laugh on how you apologize on France pronunciation. Thank you again and hope to see more Hermes to come .

High Maintenance Minimalist says:

The way you keep tucking your invisible hair behind your ears makes me laugh…because it reminds me of someone who used to do the same thing.

Anne Bryant says:


subash bist says:

but i honestly speaking i love the way you explaining

TheBargainDistrict says:

Just came across your channel! Love your content! You have amazing style. subbed!

florenceandthemakeup says:

Love how you pronounce hermés 🙂 “ermezz”

Christian Haack-Hamilton says:

Great video 🙂 Will definitely follow and be looking forward to future videos!

Vanessa Kennedy says:

Just subscribed. loved the video

Simplybrandy03 says:

Louis Vuitton

F L says:

I just found your Chanel!!! Love it, just subscribed =)

cortez says:

This is the 2nd time I tried to watch this blog and each time I fell asleep…LOL. But don’t you worry, I will try again later tonight. I am determined to watch its entirety. Thumbs Up!

gonzalo eyzaguirre says:

mhmmmm change tray 😉

Linda Collazo says:

Really cool video! I never knew Hermes has something that cheap! Haha ❤️

Sabrina Joy Paterson says:

I never and I mean NEVER!!! comment on videos but for some reason I was really compelled to tell you how much I enjoyed your video. Thank you for starting an awesome series as well as being super relaxed and informative at the same time.

Gamer Sneaker head says:

That’s a lot

christmas9lights says:

I think I went straight to the Bastia and now I going to straight Birkin cause the leather is just wow

Thomas Huggins says:

your so camp lol

- Raouny - says:

Love your channel and all items you have listed. I subscribed! I just started a fashion based channel myself and it. would mean the world to me if you could check it out.

Yuri Asawasittikit says:

love ur video!

Lola W says:

Liking your channel. More videos please. I like how you mix casual street style with high end luxury.

Luz Mechasqui says:

The only luxury key item I need is Dj khaleed’s keys to life.

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