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Quick Compare of the No Fear Beanie Goggle Hat being sold on Sports Direct and the CP GOGGLE Beanie. How do they pair up side by side.

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Usman Uddin says:

My mate has that no fear hat and I litteraly couldn’t tell the difference with my c.p hat .

Ahmed Hussein says:

so should I buy the no fear one ?

Hus B says:

Do another Bicester visit bro

Lewis says:

A mind a boy at my work had one of these and I had the real one and I checked his tags on it and it said no fear I was literally dead

lewis pratt says:

This has to be a lawsuit waiting for no fear ahaha

Anthony B says:

Please try on the products you review

Djrichiejay says:

Most brands sold in sports direct are actually now owned by Mike Ashley hence why all those dead brands from years gone by only turn up in sports direct so I don’t think no fear will be worried about a law suit from cp company.

12to6ix says:

Big check if it’s fake is if the goggles are see through

zaraki kenpachi says:

It can’t be classed as a fake if it’s been made by a company it’s only counted fake if it’s been made by someone from China or from someone whos made it so man happily bussed it if you can’t afford cp witch not all man are about that life roll with the next thing bless

AK Activist says:

If it’s cheap, who cares but if the CP was like 50 pounds I’d buy it not 90

Emma Carter says:

Goggle hats and coats did the rounds 15 years ago before cp started doing them do copied the idea they didn’t originate it

MELODiiC says:

any links to the no fear hat? can’t find them anywhere


Need the link for no fear beanie

R33C3 says:

That Del boy got me XD

R33C3 says:

That part with Dell boy XD

Luke Russell says:

£89 for a lens

Jordan Heard says:

on Amazon there’s a fake beanie that looks more like CP than that no fear one g

Who Really Cares says:

I remember when no fear done a goggle jacket about it 15 years ago

George Clarke says:

“Hey dude can I copy ur homework?
*”yeah sure just don’t copy it word for word”*

Josh Smith says:

CP company looks wack anyway imo

M0 H says:

Can u even look through those goggles

LilDrillaz125 says:

My cp company looks exactly the same as the no fear one but it has the cp company tags on it

Presh Boyd says:

Omg I thought the no fear one was the cp at the start ngl

UnchainedSociety says:

im gona cop 1

EijsTECH says:


Mathieu Mansire says:

90$? rip your daddies wallets

Calum Collins says:

no fear looks cheap as fuck
cp quality >>>

Jamal Hasan says:

Bro these hats have been about for years.. I’m 23 now and when I was in school I had one like that and same with the jackets, it wasn’t CP Company then but the same goggle ting…

Munya Chivaura says:

No wonder why I’ve been seeing loads of school kids with goggle hats

garygareth says:

Haha only a matter of time now before primark are stocking them for 4 Euro.

0161FOT says:

Who thought the minecraft music was playing at the end for a sec xD

Asics says:

Can’t go wrong for 6 quid aha

Koby Fox says:

Dose any one know where i can get repayment cp goggles

Breeze Mark says:

I remember back in the day Sports Direct Lonsdale where ripping off Aquascutum, blatant copy of thier trademark pattern housecheck baseball cap

no one says:

Does that CP beanie still have the FGF label and Chinese label? I bought mine today and there is no FGF label and Chinese label

LJAB says:

Review the ice knit beanies by stone island

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