15 Things You Didn’t Know About LACOSTE

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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
How big is Lacoste?
Is Lacoste a luxury brand?
How much does a Lacoste shirt cost?
How much do Lacoste shoes cost?
What is the best Lacoste shirt?
Should I buy a Lacoste?
How much is Lacoste selling per year?
How did Lacoste get started?
Who owns Lacoste today?
Is Lacoste publicly traded?
Is Lacoste french?
Is Lacoste a crocodile or alligator?
How do you pronounce Lacoste?
What is the best Lacoste review?

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Smaba says:


Santhosh Kumar says:

Manufacturing unit near by home

muziekliefhebbe says:

hhe is green )))


A true African American clothing line……..

Gabrielle San Diego says:

Lacoste forever

Clorox Bleach says:

Dude i love lacoste. Lacost are overpriced as fuck. A orginal polo cost 98 Canadian dollar bruh that over priced. Their some long sleeves and sweaters cost 135 canadians dollar. I buy alot of Ralph lauren polo but they are affordable. Their some orginal polo i get it for 60 canadians dollar but the exclusive polo cost around 70 to 80 Canadian dollars.

Wise Prince says:

Lacoste was a black man!

Peter Park says:

If you can’t afford for Lacoste, then go buy your stuffs at Target. It’s that simple.

Maestro Blend says:

I recommend this belt

Derek M says:

I once bought a pair of Lacoste trainers, which were a bit on the expensive side. I take size 9 and bought the continental equivalent, but they were very tight. Couldn’t be bothered to return them.

Peter Park says:

Lacoste forever

Carlton says:

No, Lacoste is to expensive imo.

Bret McClanahan says:

I have been a loyal Lacoste “wearer” since the Official Preppy Handbook was published in the 1980’s. As a graduate of The Colorado College I have worn Lacoste for nearly 40 years !

Nicky nick says:

they’re very comfortable

Lamar Oliver says:

Anjali Johnny Depp Sritharan says:

I love Lacoste

Raymond Raynor says:

You forgot to say how he was a black man..

DoubleR5Star says:

Funny how the top 10 list didn’t include the fact that Renee Lacoste was actually a BLACK MAN although his fair features. Also and more importantly he holds a patent that revolutionized how the game was played in his day. He originated the design for how rackets are still being made today

Alux.com says:

Hey Aluxers, who makes the best Polo shirts?

10 Best Selling Luxury Polo Shirt Brands: https://www.alux.com/best-selling-luxurious-polo-shirt-brands/
HUGO BOSS: https://youtu.be/NKpnlEJs29o?list=PLP35LyTOQVItFf2PguAdIXAyXHJ4SQOUx

Franzskirtzzz says:

What does a White logo lacoste mean?

Waruna Wijesuriya says:

I wouldn’t mind paying their price. Else too many will wear it and the brand will be just a common one.

Joseph Ferrer says:


محمود جمال says:

what about parfan

Daaim Daanish says:

Ughhh! Annoying… The video is titled 15 Things You Didn’t Know About LACOSTE. However, # 5 is “You will have to part with over $80 for a Lacoste shirt”… No shit Sherlock. Likewise, # 15 “Clothing proved to be Lacoste’s greatest success” REALLY… no duh. Plus # 13 & 14 are pretty much making the same point.

Unboxing4fans universe says:

My dad bought me a lacoste watch for 125$ canadian

Son Caster says:

Pricy and yet it is made in a SOUTH EAST ASIAN COUNTRY who is very low in wages and abusing workers health and safety. WTF! Even i can buy that shirt. I would not tend to buy any product of LACOSTE.

julius cäsar says:

Lacoste are the best…

Lyn Mesina says:

In my country there are plenty of lacoste in congress and senate, and they are talking and debating like real people.

shahid iqbal says:

one of my fave polo shits, price is because of its finest quality

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