Hey guys this is a video discussions basically on what kinda hat would work best for you based on head shape and face shape hopefully I helped you guys out a little bit with my insight.


itzBarto says:

Hey man, thanks for the informative video! Btw, I have done some research and found that the model of 47 cap you’re wearing is called ‘MVP’ rather than ‘Clean Up‘. The latter is more like the dad hat you’re showing (softer, less structured).

DanVsWorld says:


Graham R. Pierce says:

dad hat************* no wonder your only at 59 subscribers

Joshua Harrison says:

Rich chigga

Nathan Nislick says:

The one with the Velcro strap is 47 MVP hat. The “daddy” hat is the clean up hat. Ur mad dumb

DanVsWorld says:

I really like your channel bro 🙂

Well Marfa says:

thats a MVP cap..

DanVsWorld says:

We need more content from you Samuel

jesse Cruz says:

What type of face you should have for your hat

Julian Di benedetto says:

Is the pirates hat you’re wearing in this vid velcro or a strap back? Thanks

Anthony Garcia says:

good video

Athian tiller《LIT BOY》 says:

Bruh ..tell me a website I can purchase this hats..i moved to India n i have failed to find legit hats

Bradley Cowsill says:

I have the same head shape as you! I love 47 hats they make my head look way slimmer and better

Pedro Garcia says:

What hat is the one you are wearing

Its_Big80 says:

It’s not a clean up, its a 47 “mvp” hat

No i cuz U visible says:

Just want to clarify to anyone else watching, this isn’t the ’47 clean up, it’s the’ 47 mvp. The clean up version is unstructured with a pull through back, the MVP is structured with velcro back.

Gavin Ayotte says:


Wolf says:

Found this useful because we had similar face shapes I knew about the 47 hat but I wasn’t sure what it was called

Harl Stowe says:

You have a normal size skull..

Hey Man says:

Thanks bro

vidanmoktan says:


Travis Wake says:

59FIFTY. CUBS!!!!! Low profile.

BroitsConnorr says:

fuck, you calling dad hats “daddy hats” is so annoying i couldn’t watch the whole video

M -Squad says:

The only hat that goes with me is a LA Dodger hat. Like if u agree

Izaak Wilson says:

“daddy hat” counter – 27

Clarissa Edwards says:

Why not try on

jeremy kyle says:

I changed from 49forty fitted to daddy caps

Mohamed Alboraich says:

Nice vid bruv

Declan says:

I have a Big head on top but a small v-shaped chin, so basically i have a heart-shaped face. i struggle to get the right caps, hats because my shaped face makes my ears stick out. ? Any hats for my shaped face??

Andy Hughes says:

could’ve actually tried on the different hats…

Matt says:

I have the exact same shape and head like you , I buy size 7 new era 5950, its slightly too small but i stretch it. 7/ 1/8 is too big .. anyway I was gonna grab a dad hat cause the MVP is outta stock but maybe not a good fit for my fat face

LionofJudah says:

Daddy una

Michael89401 says:

someone got “daddy issues”. Ive heard (dad caps) but never “daddy hat” unless my girl refers to my hat as daddy’s hat lol

Hun43rd says:

My g what the fuck is a daddy hat

ahmed assaad says:

How old are you? Get a life man….

zMerKz says:

Can someone link me the addidas hat

Niloy Karmaker Vines says:



If you want to know the failures behind a success of tossing a cap to your head, watch :

Steven Tk says:

who else weas 940 A frames

Anthony Garcia says:

good video

Mecha Fx says:

Would have been better vid if you had worn each type of hat as you explained their fit.

loveyaclouds says:

Hey thanks for the advice, I’m a girl but I love hats so it gave me many ideas.

2671996619fedcba says:

Wear a Jimmy hat or else you’ll be wearing a Daddy hat.

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