The BulletSafe Bulletproof Baseball Cap Put To The Test

The BulletSafe Bulletproof Baseball Cap is put to the most vigorous and accurate test yet using ballistic heads. Watch this video to see what our bulletproof baseball cap will do if you are shot while wearing it.


Walter Gildersleeve says:


Phuc Huu Bich says:

Would it be possible to have some sort of inner cushion to reduce the impact of the bullet so that you don’t get a fracture?

Jay N says:

I have a difficult hat size.. 6 and 5/8. Can you make one my size?

Coach Russ says:

You may have a headache or skull facture…but you’ll be alive is the point…..great idea Tom…..they will catch on quickly

Mateusz Cielas says:

how long this cap least with normal using ( not shooting, diving and more extreme situations)? and do You ship internattionaly cause I wanna buy it and I live in Poland

revistadearmas says:

Great idea !
I like the price !

Jordan Whitecar says:

That’s gonna give you one hell of a headache

Petrenkov Yuri says:

We need more of these for police.

NewWavProductions says:

Wouldn’t you be dead from blunt forced trauma??

Deez Nutz says:

Man, if only the other sides of the Cap were bulletproof. Don’t wanna be shot from behind or the sides haha.

S Childers says:

Oh… but gawdam would that hurt like hell.

It’s kind of a small-ish and specific area to protect, so I hope someday you find a way to put this around the entirety of the cap (the face notwithstanding). Granted, any protection is better than none.

Good stuff.

Steven B says:

Cool video Tom
Great work!

Brian Sabb says:

The physician in me finds this very interesting!  In answer to questions posed herein, I agree with Tom that the amount of damage would be less (much less) with the hat on (despite the presence of a skull fracture) vs with no hat and a bullet penetrating your skull.  Even worse is when a smaller caliber bullet penetrates the skull does not make it out the other side but instead scrambles the brain as it bounces around on the inside.

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