Stretching and Shaping Baseball Caps

Three possible steps for shaping your New Era 5950. Includes stretching the hat to fit your head shape, especially if you have an “oval” or “long oval” shape.


Marco Kajkowski says:

Does your shaping method also work on 59fiftys made from polyester, since those are supposed to be heat resistant? Great video!

Brad Crisp says:

After watching this video i went and did the hair dryer method to all my fitted caps for a better fit and look. Worked great! Honestly don’t know why I didn’t try this before. I did however try the hot water trick to the crown like other videos showed and this method works a lot better. My hats off to you sir!.

Hayden Ruane says:

For shaping the brim does the bill have to be plastic or can it be cardboard

Idan Dino says:

i never understood that… if you want a hat with a curved brim.. why not to buy the 39 thirty model?

Don't cry over batflips says:

best hat care video on the internet

John Paul Juntong says:

sir can i ask, if what kind of material used in the front of the new era cap, that make it hard and bold?

Oskars Lapa says:

You are a hat GOD! I have same head and got some probs with same issues. Thank you for this tutorial, greetings form Europe Latvia! 😉

Δημοσθένης ο μάρτυρας! says:

So hes basically the Hat Whisperer?!

Mucasalecha says:

Great video. Thanks for posting. I have a fitted cap (80% acrylic 20% wool). The cap is 7 1/8 and I am a 7 5/8. The hat is very rare and I found it new for cheap so I took a risk. Any hope for me?

Bullet Boy says:

This definitely works, but I used the Hat Jack and stretched my hat too much!  Is there a way to undue the damage/shrink this back?

Hayden Ruane says:

Hey. I was just wondering is there any way of removing creases under the brim of my 59fifty. The creases are towards the front of the underbill. Really bugs me as it looks very bad. Thank you

Ryan M says:


layzieGuy80 says:

I got a big ass head. Funny lumpy big head. And i grow my hair out so nobody sees my cranium. And this WORKED like a charm. My new era Nats 2017 playoff hat fits perfectly. Thank you sir!

Lim Yod says:

Thank a lot

Don't cry over batflips says:

Hey Doug any advice on how to clean polyester and wool new era caps?

marcelgowa says:

thats the best toturial ever, got myself a hat jack after watching it and it works perfect, i can finally wear my whole collection.

David Sierra says:

Best tutorial yet!! For the hat jack should I get a medium size 7 1/8 – 7 1/2 if I am a 7 1/2 in the 5950 caps? Keep up the great & helpful tutorials, hope to see you review the new “PROLIGHT” version would be very cool. Thanks alot

DaMrPink420 says:

You deserve way more subs! Always very very informative! Keep up the good work! I apreciate it!

BiNn FaLoR says:

this worked thank you

Jaquin Valenzuela says:

Awesome tutorial! Ordered my hat jack today. Hopefully I’ll be able to stretch my hats to perfection. Thanks.

Ken Fulham says:

Does anyone else realize that he has a Dodgers and Astros hat? This man just predicted the WS

Knowtheledge _ says:

How much more did you stretch the hat? Atleast a size bigger? I just bought a hat stretcher on amazon. I have a small head, just about 22″ circumference. I wear a size 7 and a size up would be too big for me. I sometimes get lucky with a perfect size 7, but some of my hats need that stretch.

Status 253 says:

Can you stretch a 7 1/2 to a 7 5/8, so just one size up?

Sean Montgomery says:

Best tutorial I could find and made the process so much simpler. Thanks!

YouNeedToHearThis says:

This is the best hat channel on YouTube !

zabdy jimenez says:

damm, u know ur shit!

Bullet Boy says:

I’ve got a new New Era snapback (made from 100% polyester) I really like, but oddly enough (because I’ve never had an issue with snapbacks) it won’t fit right as is.  The size I normally wear is a bit too big -so the hat drops down & presses against my ears.  The next size down is so tight it left a mark and my forehead and was quite uncomfortable.  My question is… can you tweak snapbacks like you do fitted caps, and if so to what extent?  I want to be somewhat careful to not loosen the plastic snap in the back.  Would it be more sensible to go from the bigger size down or in your opinion try to enlarge a size up?  Also, I have found your video very helpful and easy to follow.  Thank you for doing such a great job and for responding to our questions.

Stuart Hee says:

Very good tutorial!

DeeZaster76 says:

Lids makes the best beak forming tool I’ve ever used.  Might be hard to find but eBay is where I’ve seen them.

chris melendez says:

that was the best hat shaping tutorial ever..i am shaping and stretching hats that I lost hope of ever wearing.ive bought so many hats only to hate the fit when I get home.I have quite a collection covered in dust. I thank you sir,you are a true Renaissance man.

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