Review of LaserCap for your hair

LaserCap is a hands-free low level laser therapy device for your hair. It has 224 laser diodes and comes with a rechargeable battery pack. The Laser Cap is cordless when in use and delivering laser therapy to the scalp. LaserCap can fit inside any hat, including my favorite baseball cap. The Laser Cap is very easy to use and convenient. It does not require repeat office visits. I hope you like this review of the LaserCap. Let me know what you think about this new laser therapy device.

I will be posting more information about the LaserCap as it becomes available.
I got my LaserCap from Dr. Alan Bauman of Bauman Medical Group. Dr. Bauman is a phototherapy expert and a board-certified hair doctor. For more info on the LaserCap, visit


andrew sauter says:

HI Just Joe

How long does the batteyr last? Does it get hot on the head?

Maybe some closeup pictures of the underside to show lasers

I like the fisherman hat!

Joe Serio says:

@yaluobud The review was more of an overview of the device. I am, however, liking the improvement!

Joe Serio says:

@905Justin1 Because I don’t want to be! But seriously, anything that can thicken my hair, I will try…

McInnis Joel says:

hello you have a place I could order this subject on the internet?

Joe Serio says:

@Bloodrozer Little warm at times, but the hair is definitely thicker!

Joe Serio says:

@Freedomcostmoney Yeah, a la “Gilligan’s Island” LOL! The LaserCap fits in any hat. I tried it in my favorite baseball hat and it was fine.

Joe Serio says:

@Chavezoid Loving the LaserCap!

yaluobud says:


What sort of review talks about a product and then doesn’t even tell you if it works?

Joe Serio says:

@ac14081408 The LaserCap has 224 pure, coherent laser diodes. Absolutely NO LED’s. 5mw per diode and 650nm wavelength (red). Big difference than the LaserComb because I can just ‘set it and forget it’ LOL and it covers a wider area. My old hairmax had only six beams… weak!

ac14081408 says:

So have you seen any difference? And are they lasers or LED’s?

Joe Serio says:

@yawcw The lasercap costs $3,000 with a prescription from your doctor, less than a typical year’s worth of in-office treatments… and a heck of a lot more convenient!

soxredsox says:

this thing is 3 grand!!!!!!!!!!! holy shitttttttttttt man i cant risk buy this thing if it doesnt work! 🙁

Matt Yaw says:

How much does it cost?

Alexander Petrohv says:


Pelle Svanslös says:

But U already have really thick hair!????

Joe Serio says:

@Moumoulynx Yes, you can order the lasercap from Dr. Alan Bauman at lasercap [.]info

Bloodrozer says:

Hey Joe, has it been working well for you? from what I can see you already have a good head of hair. Also, do you feel any heat on your head? thanks!

Chavezoid says:

Hey joe, it’s been over a month. Have you seen any worthwhile benefits?

Joe Serio says:

@kenlili I’m answering… just been away from my YouTube account for a while! I’m liking the improvement in my hair… thicker!

Parsa Mohebi says:

Interesting Video!! Although there is a lack of thoroughly analyzed scientific evidence for these hair laser products, there is much better reviews coming from the LaserCap by certain credible Hair Restoration surgeons

1CBRDUDE says:

where do you buy this and how much

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