NIKE Cap With Silver Swoosh : Review

This black cap from Nike comes in a woven mix featuring a metal Swoosh logo on the front side and an adjustable strap with a clip buckle at the back.

70% Polyester/30% Cotton

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TaseAndrei1 says:

Are you calling yourself a fashion head with that hat…nigga I m not hater but ffs it s like a tennis hat or something like that..the one that Bryson wears is cool but this is just shit

d productionz says:

hello everybody. do you think this is worth it for £12

Sam Crestani says:

i Really enjoyed this review , thanks 🙂

JAY4iA CEE says:

Where could I get that jacket

imNrti says:

where can I get this in the US

AUTO 2 says:

I havet it and he looks like a dickhead

d productionz says:

is it lasting you lot

Yilmaz says:

Lmao you look like a straight up chav. Only black people or any other race besides white should wear it.

Jamie 888 says:

This is the worst thing on youtube

Rishie_R / says:

I have a white red and blue

BigfootSkateboarding says:

I bet you also really love stormzy…..

Mavis Williamson says:

The website says its for kids?

Hampus Soderlund says:

that “cap” is so cheap and ugly! people who thinks they’re cool use it…..Guyyyyyyy

MINIobama© says:


Bowler :D says:

why all guys say to this cap “Gangster cap”???

Ascetic Potato says:

not sure what all the crappy comments are about… good video mate.

Ken PauL says:

damn u cute haha

Fauaz Ezo says:

looks very niceeeee

Autochthonous says:

backwards not like a Trucker

Kappa says:

how can i clean it when the hat is rusted?

Callum Graham-Rack says:

Im sorry mate but that look is chavvy as fuck

benney_21 says:

I thought this cap is only for girls ?!

Daniel F. says:

Song name?

garant schneider says:

Wtf who in the world wears the nike cap this way?

d productionz says:

which will suit more clothes and which looks better. the black or the dark blue

thisdudeaeron says:

the fuck

Vaneax. says:

is there 2 different versions of this cap? Cuz at Snipes Store is one for 14 dollar and one for 12,please help

taha rana says:

im sorry but this doesnt suit white guys you look too chavy

davejohnson says:


Hasan Ahmed says:

Skepta inspired video lol

d productionz says:

is this high quality and last me over 2 years

Farhad Shirinsha says:

Watch out guys we have a roadman on the loose

swag fam981 says:

i can get them i white or blue

austin jacobs says:

Do a video of a collection of all your shoes !!!

Head Back says:

seriously a review for a fucking £10 item?

MINIobama© says:


d productionz says:

is this cap high quality and will it last me over 2 years. and what would happen if i wash it in a washing machine.

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