New Era Prolight – A True 59Fifty? Cap Review

The new 2018 “Prolight” Spring Training and Batting Practice Cap. A review of the cap features, especially the new Prolight polyester material.


Alec Alvarez says:

You’re awesome man!

jlcrocks4ever says:

In my opinion I preffer the Diamond New Era Caps over the Prolight New Era Caps cause the material of the Prolight is like a umbrella cheap material.

Brandon Cole says:

Don’t get me wrong…your reviews and your videos are very informative, especially for avid NE hat wearers like myself. But, may I remind you…..”to each his own”. This video would probably turn many NE hat wearers off to the 2018 Prolight 5950 hats which is not necessarily a good thing. I think these new versions are very comfortable and are made of great material. It just seems like this video is painting these new 2018 spring Training hats in a very unflattering light. You must remind your viewers that this is merely YOUR opinion and that a hat that seems very uncomfortable to YOU may be extremely comfortable to the next guy. I mean no offense, I can assure you. I love ur videos and your reviews. But you must encourage ppl to at least TRY out one of these hats if they’re wanting to and not just go off of this review alone.

donkeydrop says:

brilliant review! thank you. I am NE cap collector of on-field caps. Not feeling this new material. I may get one if the price ever reaches $5-10 but I dont think its worth paying regular $35-40. I actually like the DE Spring training caps so will be keeping an eye out on Ebay.

Alex King says:

Dope video man!

Riley Rud says:

You say early on in this video that this hat doesn’t really seem to hold true to a 59/50 and I’m gonna one up you on that. This new hat shits on the legacy that New Era has built in making MLB hats, and shows that they value profit margins more than quality. These hats are cheap pieces of crap, and the heat pressed logos are incredibly unprofessional. Overall, these hats are terrible

angel martinez says:

Thanks for the review. I’ve been looking into buying the Dodgers hat. How did you wind up liking the hat and feel? It did look kind of cheaply made.

MaziarTheLion says:

its very annoying not being able to hear what ure saying bro,i should not have to resort to my headphones,when i can hear everything loud and clear on other videos

Howard green says:

Great review thanks mate

Austin Khalili says:

I just got mine today at the mall. I think it fits great and looks great but I feel like I’m wearing a wind breaker on my head. Also I see a lot of pitchers in spring training sweat through these hats. Not much ventilation

Val Sobrevilla says:

Great review! I am not a fan of these at all either. NE claims these are the lightest caps but have they forgot about the all nylon models? Those were just as light and were able to sustain embroidery. The Prolight caps just feel cheap. The all glued on logos tell me that NE is making the most cost effictive / maximize profits caps possible. I also ordered an A’s cap and the rubber patch has begun to peel off. Don’t buy these, they’re not worth the price.

duck1239 says:

I like these caps so far. Only problem I have is the sizing is inconsistent. When I got my first one the day they released I had to get 1 size up. A week or so ago I got the st Patrick’s day version and my normal size fit.

NeoYorke says:

I have a spring training version, low crown Giants cap. I agree on all your points but I think these need time since it’s a new material and see how it weathers in time. I am assuming it won’t really age well but we’ll see.

The Tony Martin Experience says:

I’ve had mine for over a week (Chicago cubs) you are right I don’t like the logo, the way they have put it on….has flattened the buckram inside which digs into my head, after manipulation of the peak I have managed to sort this a little. With regards to the material and not being able to see light through it…the fanatics website says the following:

Fitted, structured cap

• Featherweight poly construction

*****• Moisture wicking*****

• UV protective

• Bevelled rubber Chicago Cubs logo, New Era crest and exclusive Spring Training side patch

• 100% polyester

Mine has the spring training logos, so as someone who loves hats I will suffer the cons, but your right……..I won’t be buying another one like this either.

Well Marfa says:

the best hat/cap reviewer on youtube

arknatedogg says:

Crappy hats, the prolite is aweful. No offense to your A’s

Albert Ybarra says:

Nice review! Keep up the great work. Will you stick to hats only or will you review other things like jerseys as well?

Alfonso Granados says:

Why dont buy low profile cap?

Juan Martinez says:

I remember going to the mall with my dad and we saw those from the window of the store. When I got closer I looked at it and it threw off. The material was different than what I was used to, and logo looked weird and how others said cheaply made. Debating on wether to actually get one or not

Tyrant Galvatron says:

I’m new to your reviews. I’m a longtime New Era Cap 5950 wearer.

Your review is very helpful in giving information on these new ProLight caps.

However, the lack of the apostrophe S on the A’s cap has nothing to do with cap construction. MLB teams tried to go with alternate and throwback logos on their Batting Practice/Spring Training caps. The Athletics “A” without the apostrophe S is a throwback logo for the A’s.

Austin Khalili says:

Update on the prolight. Used it to cut my lawn the other day and left a nasty sweat line on the bill. My hair was soaked with sweat lol

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