New Era Low Crown Cap Review

New Era Phillies low crown cap


Bradly Mills says:

“As you can see, I look like a giant dick in this.” Lmao! Love it!

John Smith says:

I can’t wear the on field caps. The brims are just too big even with the low crown. I’d be hard pressed to believe that all the players on the field like these hats too. A lot of them even look silly on tv when their profile picture pops up on screen. Now I do happen to like the New Era 940 adjustables. I purchased a Pittsburgh one and I love it.

Ruckus Tran says:

i jsut got one, and i hate the top, how it doesnt sit flat its always pointing forward, every other hat that top button is sititng flush

DRW says:

whats the difference between 59fifty low profile and 39thirty?

WhoDey 77 says:

thanks man. really helped out

davidsotoproductions says:

hahaha i loved your response when you wore the high crown lmao

Jpay says:

soooooo get a low crown hat, or it looks boxy and stupid. i have been wearing hats for over 20 years,,, and only new sometimes it works other times it is shaped weird and looks so stupid!

Conqwiztadore22 says:

my yankee hat from 5 years ago was low crown! made in usa!

Rich Weber says:

thank you! my phillies hat is too boxy. gonna get one thanks for the review!!

linktheelf says:

No you look balling in the camo just keep it as a back up so you cave two,faverite hat so when,one is getting clean you have another

zibby43 says:

I swallowed some of my dip at “As you can see, I look like a giant dick in this.” So matter of factly stated. Comedy gold.

grenadePQ says:

Lets go Mets. Regardless the low crowns are awesome.

Double Ess says:

i dont have the head shape to wear a regular fitted and my ears stick out way too much to wear a low crown im fucked either way smh

Vanill says:

Looks good

Tee Dee says:

+Crossing Broad-Great video & unlike all the childish hater’s on here, the low crown’s look a million times better than those bloody ‘Abe Lincoln’ looking high crown hats. One question before I buy my Atlanta Braves road cap? Do you suggest that I buy a size bigger in the low crown or should it be good enough to just stick with my reg. 7 5/8? If you could let me know, it would be much appreciated. Have a good one. Peace!!!

Michael Grey says:

low pro hats are for ppl with small heads. i have a big head and square jaw so i only look right in the high crown.

Matt Ochse says:

Go phills

Daniel Archer says:

Great review that answered a few of my questions. However, do you know who sells a cap with a shorter brim?

Jimmy Britton says:

Best god dam review I ever seen.

Seung Jin Shin says:

Man this was exactly what I wanted to buy. A low crown philies cap. Thanks

Bizzy 84 says:

ur ear sticks out..get a bigger size hat and tuck ur ears in

illlestOptic00 says:


austin scilabra says:

woww seriously thankyouuu did not think i was going to find a review this good thanks a lot mannn

Gekkery says:

I prefer bent brim but doing that on a flat brim hat will make it look real bad , so thx for the review

Matt Robb says:

“yup, as you can see, I look like a giant dick in this”

made me lol

i empathize with you man. the low profile hats are tits.

TheRanhughes says:

’47 Brand. Best. Hat. Ever.

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